Lowering Insulin Requirements


In order to lose weight by keeping insulin needs as low as possible, what drugs are the most effective? Have you had any negative side effects?

Invokanna? Metformin? Victoza? Symlin isn’t available where I live.

Thanks so much!!

The first two things to try before turning to medication are to

  1. Do Low Carb (I think you already know this)
  2. Fine Tune Your Insulin (particularly your basal)

Metformin can improve your insulin sensitivity and is probably the safest of all the drugs, but it can have some unpleasant gastric side effects.

Invokanna has also been found to reduce insulin usage, I found it dropped my insulin requirements by 30% or so.

Victoza and other medications can in various ways improve blood sugar control and improved blood sugar control inherently normalizes weight.

If i stay active i can already reduce my insulin a lot. I think if i went jogging every other day my overall basal would drop even more. I would defo get a pump as you can finetune your insulin very well.
I guess a sglt2 inhibitor (glifozin) could help drop weight pretty effectively, but can lead to dka within normal range when sick so stay aware.
Good luck!

Things like exercise and a low carb high fat diet work really well to improve insulin sensitivity. But sometimes medication may be needed in addition to diet and exercise.

Exercise and LCHF diet help me, but not enough, I still am very insulin resistant and was gaining weight despite the great diet and a good exercise routine.

I am on Metformin and it is helping now that I have increased the dose. I have also tried Farxiga for awhile and it was working very well to lower my insulin needs, but I had to stop it because my insurance no longer covered it.

I have experienced no side effects of either of these medications, but I am quite aware that Metformin can cause gas and diarrhea when first started, so it is good to start at a low dose and work up over time. As for Farxiga, it can cause urinary tract infections, so lots of water is helpful.

Vitamin E, milk thistle, and b complex do wonders for me, especially vitamin E. I read some studies on them awoke back and it got me to try them.

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