Lowest blood sugar on Omnipod/freestyle

Hi all! What is the lowest bs omnipod’s meter will read? We just got a “low” which I’m guessing is lower than 47 the lowest kennedy has seen… Yikes… Anyone know the cutoff?

I don't know the cutoff but "low" is much much lower than 47. The lowest I've seen on my Freestyle is 33.

I hope you're treating the low aggressively - at LEAST 15/15. I was once told to take 30g if I was under 30 to break the fall.

Yikes, my own meter says LO if it reads a bg result less than 10.

Please look at the manual or meter card for your answer!

Yes thanks all, three glucose tabs and in 15 min she is 107. Will check with Omnipod folks,

The FreeStyle meters have a range of 20 - 500 mg/dl. So a LO is less than 20. Glad to hear she is back up in range!