Lowest High Glucose Alert-Dexcom G6

I will be switching from G5 to G6 soon and I want to set my High Glucose Alert as low as possible.
For G5, the lowest High Glucose Alert setting is 120 mg/dL.
For G6, can I set the High Glucose Alert to less than 120 mg/dL? Let’s say to 95, 100 or 105 mg/dL.

Do you mean on the Dexcom receiver? Using the Xdrip application you can set it at anything you want.

On the Dexcom G6 App. I don’t use Xdrip.

I believe the lowest you can set the high alert on the G6 is 120.
Not sure why you would want a high alert at 95?

Confirmed G6 app limits high alert to 120.

I would love to be able to set the high alert on my receiver lower and the only thing I would like even more is the ability to set the low below 55. Those of us that run low A1C’s want to know when our BG gets over a lower threshold to be able to take some fast-acting insulin which would keep our “highs” at a lower level. We also want to be able to set the low below 55 because a combination of compression lows and unreliable Dexcom BG readings when under 80 would allow us to sleep better at night due to fewer alarms while still staying safe.

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I target my 90-day A1c between 4.9 and 5.2% and I want the High Alert to tell me when I am above 100 mg/dL.
It is easy to keep my BG below 115 mg/dL with MDIs during the day but the Dawn Phenomenon catches me off guard. When Dexcom alerts me that I am at 120 mg/dL at 5 am, my measured BG is already 135 mg/dL or so and I have to inject more Humalog to bring it back dow to my target of 80 to 90 mg/dL, not to mention that my BG stays above 100mg/dL for ~2 hours.

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Thank you!
Very disappointing that G6 app limits high alert to 120.

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I agree there are times when I want to set the high alert below 120. if it is really that important to you I would recommend trying Xdrip. you can set your alerts at whatever you want and that’s not even one of the hundred best features.

I just started tandem tslim X2, integrated with G6. Pump acts like receiver, and thats where I set alarms. (I use xDrip also, but not with alarms).

Guess what! I could enter 120 as high alert on X2 pump.

I can’t enter anything lower than 150 on T-Slim. But I set all my alarms on Xdrip anyway.

I just tried on my Tandem and you are correct it will only allow 120 as the lowest number. Sorry for those of you thinking this might be the answer but it sounds like there is always a work around. And if not someone is working on it right now! We can be such a smart group of people!

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Yes, xDrip will allow a “high” alert of 100