Lows before labor?

(Goddamn it, every time I try to start a discussion I hit 'enter' and it posts empty. Sorry...)

A question for you experienced T1 moms -- did you have a bunch of lows the days or hours before labor? I'm 39 weeks 2 days, scheduled for an induction on Thursday (1 day shy of 40 weeks) -- the baby seems to be of normal size, but my OB still doesn't want me going past my due date. Anyway, my husband and I are both hoping I go into labor naturally beforehand. I've been low like 5 times since yesterday morning. Just wishful thinking, or maybe a pre labor sign??

My lows steadily increased as we got closer to the due date. I went into labor the morning of my scheduled c-section (yes, I think that I forced myself into labor!!). But I definitely had more lows near the end.

Wishing you the best!!!

I also had lows leading up to when I spontaneously went into labor at 39 weeks. Judging by today's date, you may already have your baby. If you have, congrats!! If you haven't and you are waiting for a spontaneous labor, then lows may be a good indicator that he or she is coming soon!