Lows in Automode

Would lows through the night have the same effect in Automode as in manual mode. My bloodsugar rose very fast this time after supper. Do they rebound the same way?

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I think it more depends on how fast you drop and how much IOB you have. The more IOB, the quicker the drop, the longer the low. I think if in manual mode you forced unneeded insulin you likely dropped faster, deeper, and longer, tha in automode where the pump withdrew insulin on the way down. In manual mode the pump keeps going on its preprogrammed marry way all the way to the bottom.

That is my opinion at least.

I almost never go low any,more on tandem version of auto mode. It cuts me off when I head low or even if it looks like I’m going low. Sometimes I’ll end up in the 60s and I get an alarm but I don’t consider that a low per se. I only consider it low if I’m under 55. The only time I get that low is when I’m exercising for long periods. That’s what convinced me to get a pump in the first place. Going high is a different story and I have to be on top of that more

Automode should prevent overnight lows if your basals are OK. But, I know that you are super insulin sensitive/low dose-r, so depending on how much insulin you have on board, simply suspending insulin may or may not be enough to prevent lows. I expect it would ‘assist’ with overnight lows.

So, the predictive model used for meals is different, right? Because if you don’t have enough insulin on board, the system won’t have the same ability to recover from highs as it does from lows. It’s gonna recover slower over a longer period of time. I think this gets a little tricky because we calculate how we want the insulin delivered according to how much fat/protein/carb is consumed. I doubt that the algorithm is really sophisticated enough to differentiate because how would it know what you ate? This will take some experiemntation.

If Omnipod 5 really wanted to speed adoption, they would gift the system to a bunch of advanced users here (without a 5 year contract and the ability to revert back to the old system) and allow us to run wild with it. Given slow adoption of automated systems and their somewhat ‘spotty’ reviews, I have no understanding of why they don’t extend this offer. Given the contribution of the patient community to development of this system, it seems the natural next step.

Dee, I’m not sure what pump your using/considering, but your uncertainty sparks questions, for me.

Omnipod write this, in response…it seems to imply relatively low risk to try the system. Why aren’t we seeing more advanced users taking it for a spin? I mean, if we can revert back?

Hi XXXX, Thanks for your feedback, we will relay your request to the team. Omnipod DASH® and Omnipod® 5 are available through the pharmacy channel. So, there is no risk, long-term commitment or technology lock-in period, enabling many users to start or switch to the Omnipod 5 System at any time regardless of an existing durable medical equipment (DME) contract, even if they are on a tubed pump

I had a little bit of exercise about 2 hours before bedtime. I think that is the main reason why I dropped low through the night.

Today was site change. When I took out the old site there was blood coming out and a bruise. I am lead to believe that that might have been the reason for my bloodsugars rising quickly after eating and going high. I have been 95% on target today with no highs. I am watching my sensor to see
what happens.

Do a finger stick BG test if you go low, especially at night and even if you have to drag yourself out of bed.

I had a number of low Dexcom readings, always at the number 40, and a regular BG finger stick test always confirmed I was NOT actually low. The Dexcom sensor can respond to pressure, which can come into play easily at night when you move in your sleep.

I’ve changed to applying the Dexcom to my outer upper arm and haven’t had a problem since. FYI, I usually sleep on my back and don’t apply it to side I sometimes switch to for side sleeping.

Hope that info helps. Might not be your problem, of course.

Yes, I always do. The reason for my bloodsugars rising quickly and going high after eating was because my bolus was being diluted in blood. When I did a site change and took out the old one there was a bruise and blood coming out. Ever since then my bloodsugars have been better. Yesterday I was 96% on target and today I have been 95%. Has that ever happened to you?

Your insulin is always diluted in blood, so I doubt that was causing the issue, likely the insulin wasnt getting into your blood stream. Quite the opposite. If insulin gets into scar tissue, it can’t escape and degrades there… blood even if it’s leaking out will be quickly reabsorbed by your body. In the hospital they will sometimes put insulin in via IV. Directly into your blood stream, and it works faster and better it’s just not something we can do at home . I’ve considered it but in the end it’s not something I want to do

I have been on the OmniPod 5 for about four months now, and the Automode will shut off the insulin if I start to go low while the Manual Mode would just keep giving me the “prescribed” insulin. Since starting on the OmniPod 5, I have virtually NO overnight highs or lows. I use the Automode 100% of the time.