Lows when you lie down, highs when you get up

We’ve been having this discussion on another thread - I’d like to know who else experiences this and how they manage it.

When I lie down, no matter what time of day (night, nap) my BG drops. oometimes it’s only a little (30 ish) but it’s gone down significantly, once to 35. When I get up, my BG shoots up - usually not more than 40. This is not DP, I get up at different times every day and it happens during the day if I nap too.

I’m thinking of bolusing a small amount a few minutes before I get up. A few members have said they do this successfully.

Does this happen to you?

Hello jrpup:

Point of information please? When you get up your sugar goes UP 40 points, not goes upto a reading of 40 correct? If so, a rise of forty points in truth might need absolutely nothing to correct it depends entirely on where that extra 40 points puts you numbers wise.

My generic advice, do not touch anything, unless it is NECESSARY… there is a serious and very real danger to excessive control.

Digestion slows while sleeping so if you have insulin on board to cover food, your BG will likely go down. Digestion speeds up when you wake up which can cause BG rise. Hormones also change while sleeping and awake. The hormonal changes are responsible for “dawn phenomenon” so that may be what is happening (even though it isn’t happening at “dawn”). Nothing wrong with covering your waking rise with insulin if it keeps you in range without micromanaging. But you also may want to avoid going to sleep soon after eating and with fast acting insulin on board to simplify.

I believe with that,that it’s your heart rate. Usally your heart will slow down allowing yourself to sleep,when you get up your heart rate increases releasing suger and causing your blood sugar to spike.

I almost never go to sleep with IOB. Stuart, 40 mg/dL.

I do suspect it’s hormonal Jag. I come back down to my ‘normal’ with just basal insulin.

Stuart, I’m curious, how do you define ‘excessive control’ and why do you think it’s dangerous?

Good theory wvdrummer. I do tend to have a high normal heart rate.

Hello jrtpup:

“Excessive control”: Going low… BG levels maintained artificially too low, a misguided ideal…