Lows without medication

Hi all, I would like some advice please, for the past week my BG levels have suddenly dropped, I am regularly in the 50 - 60 range throughout the day and night. I am eating normally and nothing else has changed other than the temperature is hotter than usual, could this be the cause ?
I am not on any medication and no extreme exercise, I am not feeling these lows other than a little shakey, this is so confusing at times lol

Some people don’t think that heat can affect bls, but from 20 yrs of living with this I can say that in my experience it does. Even if I skip a noon dose, I still tend to go low before teatime.

Karen, you should talk to a doctor about this. Since you are not on any medication this is a surprising result. This would rather be a symptom of hypoglycemia. Also avoid fast acting carbohydrates (juices, sodas, candies) as this can cause your body to suddenly produce large amounts of insulin and the drop.

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?

Thankyou for replys, No I have not been diagnosed although I have monitered my BG for a few months now and until this week my readings have definately been in the prediabetic range i.e fastings 5.5 - 6.9 and post pradial numbers are often high at the 1 hr mark (up to 13, normally 8-9) but always good at 2hrs. I am due to have my fasting bloods tommorow but for the past few days my sugar levels still go high 1hr but then are dropping fast and staying that way. They don’t drop below 55, my body seems to be holding them there fine, I just don’t know whats going on - typical when I am having tests tommorow lol. The one time I would rather my levels were higher to show the doc whats going on and this happens. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Karen, this is a weird question - but are you eating Cheerios? In my early 20s, oat cereals like Cheerios started to cause hypos about 2 hours after eating. I had one low in the shower where I nearly passed out. I’m a T2 and this was 20+ years before my bg levels started rising.

One other thing, this isn’t supposed to be possible, but I had a mild low a few weeks ago. I’m only on metformin so it never occurred to me that it could happen. But it was only a very mild one and I was in the 60s when I got sick and shaky.

Sorry I hadn’t noticed that this was on the pre-diabetes forum.

no no cherios :slight_smile: never even tried them, I really don’t have a clue what’s causing this, it started a few days ago when I found i would be suddenly hungry - even waking me at night :frowning: Now the hunger seems to have gone but I keep checking levels and they have often been low but to be honest I feel ok, mabey a little shakey but still perfectly able to take care of myself. Just a thought - how does dehydration affect BG ? It has been extremely hot here for the last few days and although I try to drink plenty, I work 12hour shifts which are very busy, and constantly on the go - so I probably don’t drink enough.
Thankyou to all who have replied - it is really helpful to have people willing to share their experiences and knowledge :slight_smile: