Lucky to have beautiful weather!

Taking one day at a time is what D teaches us.
This entire week has been gorgeous. Mid-70s during the day with lots of sunshine and high 40s to low-50s at night.
I took advantage of this day and took an hour-long walk. Flowering trees are blooming. Smelled lovely. Wish I could bottle that. I made sure I walked briskly, with my head up and shoulders back and breathed in as much fresh air as my lungs could take. Much better than inside on the treadmill.
Came home and found some texts from a friend of mine. Really down on her luck. So sad. Offered to drive her to get groceries, but she’s too proud and I think a bit ashamed. She declined my offer.
Wish I could fix the whole world.
Wish I could fix my own D world.
Trying to keep the sunshine from this beautiful day,in my heart.
Note to self…Flagmo the entire hour-long walk, the sweet smells, the blue sky, the cool breeze, the bright sunshine.