Lucky to have good healthcare

I may have been diagnosed with diabetes and that is not very lucky, but I have been blessed and very lucky to have healthcare that is free and for life. I get my healthcare through the Veteran’s Administration. I know I have heard of some people who didn’t fare well in VA hospitals, but I must tell you the care and quality of care has really improved the last few years. I get all my meds and insulin through the VA, I get nutrition classes from a licensed nutrionist, I get foot exams and thorough physical exams, I get yearly eye exams and hi-resolution retinal imaging to look for leakage in my eyes. I get to email my glucose monitor results weekly to my doc who will then help me adjust me treatment to get my A1C down…I can meet with her in person any time I feel the need too. I am blessed in this respect as I have heard of people suffering because they cannot afford insulin or treatments. I recieved a Ultrasmart OneTouch monitor that is one of the really high-end ones…it’s like a little PDA actually. I have software on the comp and a cable to connect it and I download my readings for the doc. I am lucky to have all this and I feel because of it I have a great opportunity to survive diabetes for a very long time if I stay disciplined and accept the lifestyle.

Apparently the one Touch is a regional choice. I live in Portland, OR. They only offer the Advantage meters NO Smart meter is manufactured for Advantage. I am disappointed . I love my one touch ultasmart, but testing 10 times a day I cannot afford the strips…Portland VA says they will only carry the Advantage. Any ideas???