Lump skin after injecting

when i inject, the past few days i have been getting little red welt like things after i have done,
and today when i did my lantus when i have injected, when i touch over it, it feels like its all still stuck in a big clump under my skin…
has anybody experienced this?!

It’s happened to me if i give myself an injection on my stomach… it seems to take the insulin a minute to spread out… i don’t get the redness though… are you using alcohol swabs?

yes, try to inject slowly…it helps. xo

no i dont use alcohol swabs, never have? :S

Try that.
I don’t either, but it might help… only thing i can really think of causing the redness. As for the lump, just do what Robyn said and inject slowly.

One of my doctors said this can happen with Lantus, something about the chemical structure of it behaving differently than other types of insulin. I am on a pump now, but I used to get some redness and irritation as well, apparently that can happen.

I agree to inject slow, also moving the site around does wonders :slight_smile:

Other than injecting slowly & rotating injection sites, you can also try taking Lantus in two shots. Don’t know how much your dose is, but larger doses absorb much more slowly. Less likely to get lumps & have absorption problems with two separate shots in two different areas.

If you keep getting red welts, it could be an allergic reaction.

Gerri is correct, the larger the dose it tends to cause a lump. Not pinching up enough skin I found will cause a lump as well.

I used to experience this all the time when I was on injections with NPH. I would just gently massage the lump till it went away. It was still very uncomfortable. I don’t miss that NPH one bit.