Lunch provided at recent diabetes conference

There were no low carb options for snacks and beverages. Everything offered was loaded with carbs. This was the lunch provided… I actually took mine and gave it to a homeless person. IMHO it was not worth bolusing for the contents of the box. No information on the carb contents was given, either. Nor was a beverage included.

Wow, I’m speechless. did anyone else say anything?

It was aimed at healthcare professionals, however I think they should have hammered home the reality of what their patients deal with every day. I don’t think anyone commented. I left and had a low carb lunch at a nearby establishment. :blush:

Oh, the immeasurable irony!

On second thought, I’d measure that at about 117 carbs.

Calling that “irony” is an understatement on a par with calling the ocean “moist”. Holy crap. And we wonder why it’s not just the general public that’s clueless, but soi-disant “professionals” as well . . .


I’d estimate closer to 200g carb… we don’t know how much sugar/carb is in the dressing used for the sandwich middle section. I think they should have had better food options and it would have been more fun to make people guess how many carbs were in the lunch and if they were within, say 15g, they could get their box of candy, er lunch. Sadly, I’m not surprised at what we got to eat. Hence reservations were made elsewhere.

Watching the presentations, I got the sense that they are all trained to believe that energy in = energy out, and that one can bolus for anything. Total disregard to insulin’s inflammatory nature and how more insulin = more weight gain.