Macey Mouse (My DD#1)

My oldest daughter, Macey can take the worst day and make me smile. She has always been Daddy’s Girl. Spent the first 3 months of her life sleeping on my chest sucking on my little finger and still to this day has a hard time sleeping if I don’t lay down with her.(Helps make sure I get my nap before 3rd shift starts). I will always remember her visiting me in the hospital and her asking if she could stay and sleep with me or when she was leaving her crossing her arms, putting on her stern serious face and saying “You get better daddy so you can come home and play with me”. Most of all I will remember my first night out of the hospital laying in bad with her thinking she was asleep and hearing " I missed you daddy. I love you don’t get sick again."

She is fascinated by so much she helps with our chickens, love to go check for eggs. Her newest thing is a fascination with my shots. Haven’t figured out how to explain Diabetes to a 3 year old yet, but she knows the shots keep me from getting sick again and that my as she calls it shot stuff is not to be played with.She also loves to watch me give myself the shots, I let her help but counting down my meter and her telling me what numbers it says. She also will get down on the ground and put her face inches from where I am injecting and watch me give myself my shot. Usually this is followed by a “See daddy it doesn’t hurt” or “It doesn’t leave a boo boo”. This is followed by chants of “Daddy’s Shot” from my youngest, Violet. Macey also has realized that I take a shot before meals and is starting to ask if I took my shot. If anything I hope this makes her getting shots at the doctors easier.

What a little gem, I am so glad that you treasure her.

Macy’s beautiful inside & out. What an angel.

We want to see a photo of Violet also.

What a great cheering section you have…boy am I jealous :)…enjoy!