Made up my mind

Well after allot of thought. I have figured out what lifestyle not diet but lifestyle I am choosing to live. Low or no carbs at all.

I have spent the last few days searching on line and finding out what is best for someone with diabetes. I want to live and be healthy and plan Disney World trips with my family. ( I AM A DISNEY FREAK LOL) I want to stop having the dream every time we go that I will fall out a ride or I won’t fit in the seat.

I can’t wait to post my progress and how much weight I am loosing. So to all of you who have gave me great inspiration and awesome advise. I THANK YOU.

Till next time. Sonya

Have a magical day!


I was pleased to read this and I believe that once you get your mind set on something… You can do it!
. Be strong and keep in touch. I can’t wait to hear about your progress.

YAY Sonya! good for you! keep it up. chin up! take each day, as one day at a time… if you have a little set back, don’t say oh crap, might as well just stop forever and go back to my not caring, eating whatever ways… everyone (even successful weight lossers) has set backs. Keep going. Remember your achievements and all the progress you’ve done…