Magic pill of understanding?

I wish there was some way to give some people diabetes for a month or so, just to wipe the smirk off their faces when you have to explain yet again that yes, it does seem silly to eat before exercising, but I don’t get a say in how my pancreas does or doesn’t work. Maybe if those people experienced a low half way through a bikram yoga class they might finally understand why I’m hesitant to go when I don’t have my levels where I need them. Or know what it’s like to have to stop what you’re doing at work, even when you’re busy with meetings and saving the world, just have something to eat.

I don’t care about the whole world not understanding, but when the people in my life look at me and I can tell they think I’m lazy, that’s just infuriating.

i’m right there with you! sometimes it’s even harder if they know and they’re still ignorant…but such is life. all we can do is educate, educate, educate!

I like your idea. Today someone asked me why I couldn’t just take more insulin than I need to avoid ever having high blood sugar. And when I told her, that this would lead to a lot of serious lows, I just got a blank stare, like she couldn’t imagine what the big deal was, even after I tried to explain it. grrrrr

I’d buy some of that pill and start handing them out!

I used to wish for this with my husband, because he used to lecture me for overtreating lows.he’s gotten better but I do wish he would have a low once in his life so that he could fully get how much they suck.