Magical Thinking

Yesterday I decided I really didn’t have autoimmune diabetes after all. That maybe it was just a temporary blip in my ongoing chronic health problem history, that taking the med for high post meal glucose for a few weeks was enough to “knock it out of my system”. Is this a common thing when you’re first diagnosed? To actually think it will just go away like a bad cold and you can stop testing, counting carbs, and thinking about it?

I’ve been insulin dependant for 2 years and I still often catch myself trying to convince myself that its all just a big misunderstanding

I agree. Not quite 1 year into this, and I keep thinking thay a benign tumor is blocking the insulin and it will be discovered, and it will all go away as quickly as it came.

I am a honeymooning type 1 for two years. Sometimes I get in my head that maybe I am a type 2, that could control with diet and exercise!!!

As a serious type 2, my control rests on 3 parts as follows:

a) diet to restrict excess glucose from diet eating. In my case it was the dam grains that other idiots in our society ignore.

B) extra exercise to burn off excess glucose stored in muscles. If you are type 1; you are using insulin to make up for no or inadequate insulin production from Islets in pancreas. Great now after adding extrenal insulin your glucose in blood stream is being transferred to skeletal muscles. Next joke is, that does not burn off that stored glucose, only consistent firm exercise can burn that off.

c) meds:

If everything is working properly, pancreas, liver signalling, kidenys and other hormones and not type 1 ; yes with diet and exercise maybe you can crack this monster.

As type 1 ; you will need insulin boost to overcome that issue. All other issues of diet and exercise remain as critical to follow.

As type 2 and age I suspect you may need :

Metformin to tell liver to shut up and stop dumping in excess unneeded glucose.
Aging of your body may require insulin boost due to insulin production fall off.
Another issue is that as type 2 with excess glucose numbers long term may also cause pancreas to drop insulin production until excess glucose booted from system. My opinion and take is that for this case serious reduced starvation diets may be needed to boot out excess glucose from blood stream with extended hard exercise to help pancreas recover function.

In both cases religious adherence to diet and exercise regimens to limit glucose in blood stream may well be needed. That is both Type 1 and Type 2 - no exceptions.

Best wishes and good luck as always.

Jims… I hope I didn’t offend you!! I guess what I really wanted to say is wish my tests at diagnosis were one big mistake, and I did not have this at all!!! I do realize that type 1 and type 2 can be huge struggles!!! I am stll using Lantus and Metformin only. But I have to eat low carb and do lots of exercising. I get burned out by this sometimes. Your above post was great.

no offense; i saw the clay pigeon fly out of the shack and fired.

No offense and none taken. Blessings and best wishes and thanks for sharing.

This fracas burns us all out! Good luck with your health!

It’s amazing how different we all are in what we need to do to improve our blood glucose numbers. I’m taking prandin to boost my beta cell production of insulin with meals right now and eating quite a few carbs because I’m trying to gain back some of the weight I lost. Whether T1 or T2 or type weirdo like me, this disease sure is complicated and does wear you down some days that’s for sure.

Yes, I agree LilliD. I have Prandin on hand if I need it (have that darn morning rise). Just don’t know how I feel about it, though! Some say it can burn out your beta cells faster? I wear a dex 4 CGM, which helps me out alot!! I do alot of exercising to keep BG in control. I can see how exercise is so important from my Dex. I can drop 30-40 points just by walking a couple miles!! I know the honeymoon will end sometime, though. I get kinda nervous thinking of MDI!!

I also had weight to gain. But did it eating low carb with extra fat, nuts, cheese, etc. I was a skeleton at diagnosis. Scary!!

After 51 years of T1, I recently had a doctor at the Joslin Center ask me if I was really a PWD. I am very insulin sensitive. His question was stupid....Yes, I am a PWD without a doubt.

I was wondering if more fat would be enough to help me gain even if I go low carb. Good to know! I’m not thrilled with the prandin either but desperate not only to gain weight, but get more glucose into my cells so I’m not so darn fatigued. Do you have good energy going low carb? Did your insurance pay for the dexcom or did you?

Eeek, that’s what surprised me most about this illness Spock, the inconsistencies and debates in how it’s treated and classified:(

It took a good year to really feel better, and not so tired!!! Of course the Lantus helped me feel better right away, but it took awhile for my body to heal. I lost 80 pounds!!! Ugh!!! I was trying to lose some anyhow, and it did not come off too quick right away, but then it started dropping fast. Long story, but my last two years of labs were overlooked at my doc’s office!!! Fadtings were in the 300’s. A1c if I remember was 13. Could not getvout of the bathroom on a Monday night, got scared, called dr’s office. I am very fortunate that my insurance covers my Dex. My husband travels during the week so I am anone. I do have lows, a 44 the other night, my fault. I got laxy and ignored the dex low alarm set at 80. I think the dex is great!!!

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Spock… Do you bolus or just on basal insulin? Wow!!!

I’ve gone as low as 50 on my meter and 40s when I wore a dex for a week and that was just my own reactive hypo, before the prandin. I’m now hypo unaware although I felt weird at 50 last time so that’s good I guess!

Those lows are scary, aren’t they?? One thing that helped with getting the dex is that I was OCD regarding logging everything!! So glad I had that info, because my insurance required it. Also glad that I decided to join in on here. I have been a forum stalker for awhile… Lol. I have learned alot from here, though. Just didn’t join in!! The people are wonderful here.

I had an absolutely mind-blowing cookies and cream experience during shavasana at yoga today. It utterly filled my head, taste, smell, texture, it was far freaking out...

Haha, I’ve thought the same thing Denise, it does happen!