Make WAAAGH, not carbs

so i’ve been completely ignoring everything in the world lately. yet another mmo has taken my soul (warhammer online this time) and my little boy is sick, so i have to shove a pill down his throat twice a day as he glares at me while i hold his mouth shut until he swallows it. he had a big bladder infection but the medicine seems to be working. at least he’s not a hissing mess when he sees the other animals now.

school starts at the end of the month and i’ll get to don my lovely checkered pants and chef’s hat. at this point i’m thinking the highlight of school will actually be getting out of this house. and mabee talking to people who know what a veggie is. i have 5 bucks in the bank right now so i can’t go out and buy my own food anymore. thus i rely on what ever mommy-in-law dearest has here. i could be paranoid, but she’s definately trying to kill me. all we have in this house is junk food riddled with carbs and red meat (that is turning a sickening shade of grey). when i can’t afford my own food and start eating what she brings in the house i see an awful turn in my blood sugars for the worse. so i feel like crap all the time and if i’m not on war i’ll just go to bed so that i don’t touch anything in the house.

at least i have my WAAAGH! level 20 witch elf :slight_smile: aaaaannnd the best guild name ever…Sunshine Happypants. too bad i don’t get to play enough to catch up to everyone in tier three so i could do guild runs. ah well, some day.