Making diabetes... pinker (more pink?)

I’ve come home from my hospital stay today to find two diabetes related packages waiting at my door, and I thought I’d share with you!

Before I went into hospital, I was thinking that my diabetes stuff was super boring, so I ordered a Myabetic Banting Case and a PumpPeelz from the USA, and they look pretty snazzy (and I didn’t end up having to pay import fees, yay!).

Here is the case - it’s actually pretty awesome. It even has a pouch for rubbish! And my meter, lancing device, tissues and alcohol swabs all fit in the biggest pouch, as well as getting two insulin pens in the case, which means I no longer have two cases with diabetes stuff. It wasn’t cheap, especially with the exchange rate, but it is pink. Much better than the little black pouch my meter came in.

And my PumpPeelz on my Contour Next USB.

These are pretty awesome, and since I am starting with an omnipod next week, I’ll have to get some for that too. The only downside was that I totally ruined the first one while learning how to put it on, so I am super glad I got more than one.

Anyone else have any recommendations on how to make stuff prettier? My lancing device looks so boring now…


I have been making my pump and CGM sparkly with PumpPeelz. When I completely messed up putting them on the first time, I emailed them and they sent me replacements to try again, which was quite nice and appreciated! :heart:

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Personally, I’d like to make my diabetes equipment and other ‘stuff’ disappear, but that doesn’t appear to be an option…

I like the Myabetic bag - just be careful with the zipper - I’ve had one break on me. I have a new one, but haven’t yet switched over to it… Maybe this weekend.

As a man with little fashion sense or passion, this desire to spice up the look of diabetes tech impressed me as simply a difference in gender preferences. But the thought occurred to me that there may be more going on here and that I may share some of the motivation women express through color and style choices.

My biggest breakthrough with my diabetes treatment came when I fully embraced my diabetes. It was the final click on my journey to fully accept and engage my diabetes. It’s when I decided to change my eating habits, adopt a consistent exercise routine, and figure out what insulin regimen worked for my unique physiology, diabetes and all.

I now take pride in my health habits. This pride and the expertise it promotes makes all the difference to me. I suspect the typical female interest in the color and feel of their diabetes tech and accessories taps into a psychology I share. Just a thought …

I like to make my things personalized with colors and graphics because it makes them more friendly to other people when they see me use it. For example, everyone can see my Dexcom when I’m in the pool and I’m always asked about it.

The reactions I get when it has a t-rex or unicorn on it is much different than when it’s just a grey machine with lots of gnarly looking flex tape! :smiley:

So that’s one part. The other is that diabetes is a drag and picking out new stickers every so often is amusing and something to look forward to.

I have skinits for my cochlear implant.

It somehow made me feel better about wearing it and is so much more cheerful than the boring supposed to match my hair colour that I had originally.


That is the prettiest CI I have ever seen!

Just makes me happier about wearing it. :slight_smile:

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Meant to say, you can get great skinits (skins) for all sorts of appliances, maybe even insulin pumps. They have great skins for children.