Making Everyone Feel Welcome


I liked the quick responses to me and welcoming me. Made me feel valued. Am enjoying reading new things here and participating as much work school and life allows!!


Hi Judith. Am new to the site hut a question…ru i. Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? Y asking is that live 4 hrs away from Portland oregon.



Hey there, Smalls—I am indeed in Portland, OR. I’m not going out much right now due to a still-not-healed broken femur—Plus we are getting ready to move this summer sometime.

BUT! Let’s stay in touch here. TuD is my first and forever online home! I look forward to getting to know you!


Hey Judith; Let’s do just that. I am going to school pt, working ft and trying to do stuff in the real world. Need to lose some weight since now am at a sit down job. Hope get better soon with your leg. Am enjoying TuD when can get on. Smalls

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