Making Health a Priority with Laura Kolodjeski

I’ve recently had a change in perspective about my health, and am looking for ways to be more physically active while spending time with my family. Is that a challenge for you as well? Read about my updated S.T.A.N.D. (Start Taking Action Now for Diabetes) Pledge for 2013 on Discuss Diabetes.
Best, Laura K.

I am proud of you Laura, but I have to caution you. Diabetes is more complex than the ADA and others tell us. You took a Risk Assessment and found that your BMI was associated with a higher risk of diabetes, but saying that your BMI can cause diabetes is a error in logic. For many of us, weight gain is a symptom of the metabolic disturbance given the name diabetes. And the A1c test is not a Risk Factor for diabetes. If your A1c is elevated, you have diabetes. Another error in reasoning that always irks me. I really don't believe that I got diabetes because I was fat and I certainly think it is just weird to think I got diabetes because my A1c got too high.

But, I do think that all the things that are part of your STAND Pledge are good things and that for all of us here who have diabetes, these are good goals that can do very positive things for our health. I am just dubious about whether they will help anyone prevent the onset of diabetes, the evidence is just not there.

Brian, I truly appreciate you leaving such a thoughtful comment in regard to my S.T.A.N.D. Pledge post. It means a great deal to me that you took the time to provide your perspective. My best, Laura