Making Sense of Diabetes - Compilation Video

Here is the compilation video for Making Sense of Diabetes. Hope you guys like it!

We are so proud of this, great job everybody! This is really great! :slight_smile:

Awesome compilation of the awesome videos! It’s fantastic.

Wonderful, Wonderful Thanks for sharing

What an outstanding compilation!! Congratulations to all of you who brought this together - and thanks!

Fabulous! Such a wonderful compilation! Thanks for including Caleb - what an honor!

hey, hey! Great job!!

Amazing work! Love the video!

Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this beautiful and very touching video. Would it be possible to copy the link to email it to my friends? I would love for them to watch it and understand a little bit more of what I have to do everyday!

Hi Valeria, please do so, they can watch it here or @ YouTube. That its our goal, to create awareness.

Here is the link to DHF’s YouTube Channel.

This morning, I had 18 interviews (TV and Radio) with stations throughout the US to help get the word out there about the compilation video. It was quite the marathon, but I hope it will help shed light on the beautiful work from the community that resulted in the compilation video you can now see… and I hope it will help people without diabetes to better understand what life with diabetes is like.

This video is fantastic! Thanks for putting it together and getting the word out.

Impressive video, great job by all

Great job everyone , love all the videos !!!

This video is awesome! It made me feel part of a club, not one I wanted to join, but still.

Awesone, I so proud of you two people. Your work is really fantastic. Love

LOVE the compilation I laughed and I cried watching it. the music was also perfect.

That is so great about the interviews! You are a pro! Wonderful job with the compilation, I giggled and cried hard. Nice seeing so many familiar faces from TuD and the DOC.

I know… we are all in this club. Indeed, not one we ever wanted to join, but… I hear you!

Beautiful, I love all my D fellows !!