Making The Low Go - Diabetes Blog Week

Day two of Diabetes Blog Week. But before I go any further, I really have to thank Charlotte Parent Magazine for a great article this month on kids with type 1 diabetes. It was nice of them to feature us, but I’m really glad they talked to our doctors. You can read it here.

Today’s posts are supposed to explain how we treat low blood sugar. Here’s what I tell my kids’ friends when they come over to play. In my house, juice boxes are medicine.

Benny was diagnosed at 23 months, and we didn’t give our kids juice boxes pretty much as a rule (I have a daughter, three years older than Benny). But the little ones are 15 carbs - perfect for treating most lows, and they act quickly on Benny. We tried sweet tarts for a while, but he always wanted one when he wasn’t low!

You can see that I keep ours up high, out of the kids' reach, although they never try to drink them anymore. After 3 years, they know! That grape one is clawed open, 'cause I did after Benny woke up low at 3am Sunday night. Oh, I mean Monday morning. Lovely.