Mama said knock you out Chemo Round 12!

As I am heading into my final round of chemo I am filled with mixed emotions mostly very very happy and excited to be done! It seemed like this day would never come.

Here is my theme song for the day. Enjoy!

Good luck with the chemo Brian. x

Wishing you all the best, Brian.

Good luck Brian, hugs!

I just realized that is the song of my Turbo Jam workout… I always like it a lot, it gives your POWER! :wink:

Awesome-ness :slight_smile: I love that song too…you GO Brian :slight_smile:

Don’t call it a comeback!!!

Take care and keep us posted!

Heck yeah nice roll Brian! I needed to see that video today! Prayin for ya keep us updated

Best wishes

Very powerful song. You will knock it out, Brian!

May God bless you ! Your positive attitude & will power is a good inspiration for many others !
Good Luck Brian ; keep us updated…