Management of type one

I would like to hear others’ opinions. Who thinks anyone with type one can get their blood sugar in control? I’m tired of hearing about ‘what i need to do’.

I’ve always said control is a myth. When they asked me at the DMV if my diabetes was “under control,” I looked at them like they had three heads.

But I’ve started to get pretty good ‘control’ lately working my butt off at it…so I don’t know. I think control is a day-to-day issue and not an overall state of being - as in, I had great control today, but yesterday was bad. Or I’ve had great control this week… But just leveling out? All the time? I don’t know. I’m interested in seeing what others have to say on the topic.

i agree with you about the day to day nature of control. There are, in fact, good days and bad days. Overall leveling out would definitely require a pump, at least from what i’ve experienced without one. The dmv asking you that question proves a general misconception or misunderstanding of the condition altogether. The one that really makes me angry is “it’s all in your head”. Coping with it is in your head, the condition is a biological fact.

Thanks for sharing, that makes me feel not so alone to hear someone else experiencing the same thing!

I look forward to hearing some more input

I don’t think you can ever get control so to speak. You are going to have days where you go low or high regardless of what you do. For the ones that tell you what to do tell them you know perfectly fine what to do and until they learn about diabetes to leave you alone.
My pump has given me a lot better control, but I still have highs and lows for no reason.

Think the subject of your discussion–management-- says best how I feel. Control–probably not. I’ll think I have control. You know, those periods where all appears to going really well. But, as we all experience, life has a way of smacking you in the head & saying “ha” just when you believe you have a handle on things.

So, I strive for the best management I can manage. If I get the “control” out of my way of viewing it, then I don’t feel like a failure when, despite my best efforts, I appear to have no control over it.

Agree with Melissa, it’s a day-to-day situation for me. I rejoice in the good days & try hard not to get too bummed at the days when BG hikes up for no apparent reason.

Working towards keeping things simple to reduce as many variables as possible. I eat low-carb, really low carb, to manage the up & down rollercoaster. But, I haven’t been at this as long as you & or many others here.

i’m getting great feedback, i was starting to question whether or not I’m doing something wrong but i guess i’m not losing my mind after all. Highs and lows are inevitable. the highs that stay high for extended periods are what do the damage, so I test and inject as needed. When I get highs under control i’m plagued by lows. I hate waking up to a low, it feels like death. I can always tell what i could have done to prevent the low, but looking at it ad hoc is a piece of cake. It’s predicting what’s coming that is impossible. Even using a calculation based on what happened in the past isn’t 100% accurate because there are always other variables that are inconsistent, such as activity level.

You’re not losing your mind. And hey, if you are you’re in good company!

I keep records to look for a pattern, but I’ll be damned if I can see consistency. All I see is inconsistency. So that’s what is consistent:) I even tried eating the same thing at pretty much the same time for days in a row, No, I’m not that anal, but I felt confused & helpless. It didn’t help explain the discrepancies.

Eat well, test & test & correct–that’s all we can do & that’s a full-time job.

Agreed, on all counts!

“Who thinks anyone with type one can get their blood sugar in control?”

I know I can attain and maintain good blood glucose control. I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

…i don’t have a pump. anyone know where to get a used one?

pump companies have refurbished pumps. Call and ask them

I have been at this for over 15 years, trying to “gain control.” Can I say that I am in control? I fight against diabetes CONTROLLING MY LIFE. I try to enjoy my life and still do my best to “control” my condition. At the end of the day, I can say that I have tried, and perhaps not won the battle, but I have also lived my life in spite of diabetes. There’s more to life than a perfect A1C…successes and failures, just like those people that are not afflicted with diabetes. My desire to enjoy my life is justification enough for me to not be in “perfect” control. My best effort is the best I can do!

Excellent point, Roberta, about diabetes controlling our lives!

Everything in life is about balance. It’s unhealthy to become obsessed with numbers. Easy to fall prey to becoming self-absorbed when we’ve got a condition that requires constant self-monitoring. This is something that concerns me. I don’t want to be a disease on legs. I’ve known people with life threatening illnesses & that’s all they talk about. When friends ask me how I’m doing, my answer is great. If they want to learn more about diabetes, I take that as an opportunity to educate & dispel myths, but I don’t want to dwell on my “condition” constantly. Hard not to, but I try.

Hi Steve,
There is an organization called that helps people get a pump and supplies. Maybe you could try there for some help in getting a pump. I am celebrating, albeit a bit prematurely, but my paperwork just went in this week for my pump. I am excited about it and am looking forward to a smoother control.
I really wasn’t aware that anyone could achieve control all the time, due to so many variables in our lives. I guess i am really still learning. But no two days are ever the same for me. Too much happens for me. I like Roberta’s line " My best effort is the best I can do".

actually you can buy used pumps for anywhere from $350 to $500, for example here:

I’m sure somebody here has one they might like to sell.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. More of the same.

I remember from when I first began searching. I can’t remember what made me lean toward buying from an individual directly…

I wholeheartedly agree with you, Gerri!
It is hard at times to hear of those with excellent “control” and not become obsessed with the need to be even more “in control” than I am as type 1 personality…re-married with a 17 year old red headed female high school senior with OCD tendencies…life goes on…but that inning ends eventually!
I still remember my co-teachers remarking about how it was a “good thing” that it was me that was diagnosed with diabetes because I was so "organized " and “methodical”…Lucky me! WOO HOO!!!
It is sometimes hard to live by your own convictions, but I try to do my best to “control” my diabetes each day, and deal with whatever curve balls life throws in as they come speeding over the plate. Sometimes I don’t even see 'em coming…probably good. Just deal with them as they cross…

do you like baseball

Funny that you said that because I was just thinking about OCD & diabetes. Was wondering if someone who had OCD would have an incredible A1c, or if D would push them over the edge with how unpredictable it is.

Oh yea, lucky you! Bet you wanted to bop them over the head.

I’ve had friends comment about what a trooper I am. Hey, do I have a choice? I’m a person first. Being diabetic is who I am now & I’m sure not in denial, but it’s not what defines me.

I think it’s good that we don’t see 'em coming, too.

Insulin pumps are considered prescription devices, so it’s not technically legal to buy them this way, so it could be hard to get the supplies for them. I don’t know though. Never tried.

Here at TuDiabetes, we’re not allowed to let people offer to buy and sell them or we could be shut down. Sorry. :frowning: I think ipump or the refurb pumps are probably your best options.