Managing weight changes and insulin doses

Hi everybody! I'm Type 1 for about 20 years, and always was a tad over-weight, but have lost about 50 lbs in the past year (about half of that in the last 5 months) by quitting drinking, eating sensibly (no junk-food snacking) and getting psuedo-regular exercise. We have very limited support for diabetes in the 'City' where I live, and so usually have to travel to the larger southern centres to see a specialist. As a result, I pretty much manage my own medical condition including insulin type and dosages. My challenge lately is finding a proper balance due to weight loss. I use lantus for a baseline, and Humalog for meals and fine-tuning, and i'm finding that I've had to reduce my long-acting dose by about 30-40%, and have had to adjust the sliding scale I've always used for the short acting, but am not doing too terribly good with that. I HATE low sugars with a passion, and so am very cautious adjusting my short-acting dosage. I should likely only lose about 10 more pounds, and things should get easier to manage once my weight stablizes. Maybe during all this change, it's a good time to consider a pump?