Mannkind finds new partner

Mannkind has apparently announced a new collaborative agreement with Receptor Life Sciences, Inc.


Looks like they’re aiming at multiple inhaled products for this one.

Good, happy to hear it. I hope their business model involves its success.

over on twitter they say the deal does not include Afrezza. does anybody know about this?

This paragraph hints at an agreement for the delivery of other inhalable products (using technosphere?) while Mannkind independently pursues its “lead program,” which I assume is Afrezza.

“We are pleased that Receptor Life Sciences has selected our formulation and delivery technology to advance its portfolio of innovative inhaled products,” said Matthew Pfeffer, Chief Executive Officer of MannKind. “This collaboration demonstrates the fundamental value of our platform technology while the risk-sharing structure of the transaction allows us to diversify our product opportunities without losing focus on our lead program.”

Regardless of the inclusion of Afrezza or not, it means a significant infusion of cash into Mannkind, which would seem to be helpful in the future of both Mannkind and Afrezza.

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Any mention of Afrezza is conspicuously absent. In fact, the agreement seems to focus on the delivery system only, not any Mannkind medication. Regardless, as Thas says, it’s a step in the right direction.

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