Manny, a group for seniors?

Manny, can we start a for seniors?

Anyone interested?

I’d be interested, too Seniors DO have issues that younger diabetics don’t. I’ll be turning 65 soon and need to explore all my options for Medicare, for starters.

Anyone can start a group. :slight_smile: You just have to be willing to moderate it, and maybe you can name some people to help you with it, too… but it’s not hard. :slight_smile:

I kinda knew that but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on someone’s toes.

Great! Will get something going.

I apologize about the time it took me to get to this. It seems that you took care of it quite well:

Love the group! I took the liberty to put in a photo to help promote it.

Also, below is a video MelissaBL did a while back explaining how things work in Groups:

Thanks Manny!