Manny and tudiabetes get a mention

Patients WILL Have the Final Say on Pharma Social Media

Jonathan Richman, the author of this blog, testified before the FDA in the recent hearings on the use of social media by pharma. I’m very glad that there is someone like this representing us in this debate.

Thanks, Scott. I think the patient voice will be heard when pharma companies do start to use social media (and they will). But, there’s also some value in telling pharma companies what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Many of them actually are interested hearing (sadly, other aren’t though). What they do with what they are told is another story, but it could be a start. If anyone’s interested in helping me put together a survey and getting it out to patients, I’d love to hear from you.


You are absolutely right. Right now, we all have the ability to make things happen. I’d be glad to help with a survey while we are still presented with that opportunity

Peeps, let’s see what we can do