Manny- Changing the world, one caring person at a time


I'm so grateful to Isaac Itman for bringing your inspiring story to our attention. It is about the Power of Voice - the individual voice - to share, educate, transform, and continually offer life-saving support. You have found a way to change the world for those who live with a chronic condition not readily visible to others: diabetes.

I am in awe of your determination and your enthusiasm and your love of life and fellow human beings. Your Criollo charm and tropical warth invites everyone who cares about diabetes to join the conversation with typically Venezuelan open arms.

Bravo, un millon, amigo. I'm talking to folks and looking for ways to help you, and your friends, share your wisdom, encouragement , and optimism.

Lilia is the one on the far left with her hand on her hip

Thanks a lot for these beautiful words, amiga.

Siempre, Manny. Writing is the gift I have to offer.