Manual Calibration of DexCom

Do any of you have experience with the new software for the DexCom Seven? I hear it will allow a user to manually enter a BG value so you can use your preferred meter and not ONLY the OneTouch as before.

Please describe the entry process.

This is true, they have eliminated the cable and One Touch Ultra.

Apparently this version is being shipped with all new orders, but I have been frustrated, thus far, by the ability to upgrade an existing system. I have gotten to “play with” the new entry method and it is very nice. I bought my Dexcom about 6 months prior to the 7 being released and was upgraded for free. I’ve been told by my rep that it will be $150 to upgrade a 7 to the “no cable” version. The hardware will be unchanged, just like when they went from the 3 day to the 7. The upgrade for existing users will apparently come in the form of a software download via the USB cable to the receiver.