Maple Syrup?

Darn it… now I need a snack! lol

Yes, I can now take 10 shots a day instead of 6…well, until I am cured by the donut miracle :slight_smile:

Get the extra thick syrup Danny…and add fruit glazed topping to those pancakes. Also stand on your head and spin around as you drink vinegar shots. A proven cure as well.

Of course it stimulates insulin release… it’s pure sugar! lol That being said, maybe a teaspoon every once in a while might be okay. lol

Oh and Danny, while you are at the store get a gallon of OJ like JohnG mentioned, hey cant hurt right? maybe Oranges are the next cure all.


As we’ve heard many times, we are the best ones to control our own diabetes. With the diligence proven by the above comments, we are well on our way to reaching new heights in this effort.

It’s nature’s candy… It can’t be bad. heh :slight_smile:

Canadian Maple Syrup, eh …apparently our Canadian economy is doing quite well …thanks folks
PS I thought I had posted something like this earlier today …it ended up in cyberspace or what ??

Wonderful US maple syrup, too.

Oh my… This is hilarious. You all are so creative on your miracle cures! I feel sure there must be one that involves Pop tarts, right? They are oh so nutrious with like 70g of carbs per tart. Of course a serving is only one tart, though they package two in that fancy little sterling sleeve. Oh, and for the health conscious, they do come in organic as well :wink:


Maple syrup is suppose to have abscisic acid, are found in maple syrup. This acid is suppose to be a powerful defense against diabetes and metabolic syndrome, because it encourages the release of insulin through pancreatic cells and enhances fat cells’ sensitivity to insulin.

I was just wondering if anybody else has heard of this…


it is tasty though…


Beyonce was suppose to have used this to loss extra pounds in her role in dreamgirls…

I do like lemon or orange slices in my water…

Have you every thought of why Homer Simpson isn’t a Diabetic yet with all the foods he eats?

Isn’t Canadian maple syrup suppose to be more nutritious than the other stuff made in the U.S.?

I was almost drooling while thinking about Krispy Kremes while reading about Gerri’s excellent cure. You took the words right out of my mouth John :slight_smile:

Yes, it WILL help you lose weight but I don’t think Beyonce is a diabetic. But being a diabetic I wouldn’t recommend the maple syrup. I wish I had my book than I could give you more info on the part of the maple syrup. Not sure if you are on meds on not for your diabetes. Gerri mentioned green drinks/juices at the beginning - greens are low in carbs and more nutritional. Doing any sort of liquid fast (well, healthful liquids - not Diet Pepsi and milk and such like that!) can help with weight loss. I also lost 5 lbs once doing a liquid fast that was all juices (freshly juiced not in can or bottle) fruit and green plus nut milks and lots of water. Not recommending these here to anyone but a liquid diet will help one lose weight. Well, I lost weight doing them.

I believe, ultimately, using cleansing diets or fasts, to lose weight, is not a healthful alternative for anyone, diabetic or not. While I do understand going on a 24 hour fluid fast on occasion (most of the time, we need to eat to deal with ulcers, or else they become worse) to help the body deal with ulcers (my husband has to do this sometimes, as recommended by his doctor), this is simply not an ideal diet for losing weight. Not getting adequate levels of nutrients and calories only serves to slow down the metabolism further causing more weight gain and fat retention when the fast ends, and all that ‘weight’ lost will be gained back (it is fluid loss, usually from previous fluid retention, and not fat loss.) Successful weight loss involves complete changes in our lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviors which take some time to cultivate, and develop. They do not happen in a 3 day, 7 day, or month long fast.