Maple Syrup?

OMG, Gerri, you could do a stand-up routine!

Sugar always encourages the release of insulin, until beta cells are dead. Why is this a good thing?

Thanks, for this short and sweet comment on extreme diets, Lizmari. I cringe when I think of how much us women especially are taken advantage of to the tune of millions of dollars a year (or is it billions?) because we all want to look like some anorexic model or pop star! It makes me sad and angry all at once.

Haha. Holy crap! Ah Yes…CINNAMON.

There was a Krispy Kreme bakery a couple of blocks from our house in Atlanta. OMG, the aroma of donuts baking in the morning! Contact sugar high just from sniffing the air.

yes i am a junkie (injectables) and a druggie ( on lots of pills) and I hate them both and they make me physically ill most of the time.

I will be considering some sort of diet plan soon because I feel off the wagon these past 2 weeks and it shows.

Thanks for the link! So people don’t think I am totally crazy!!!

I just wanted to know if anybody else had heard of this!!