Marathon De Sables

Alex Williams is a T1 diabetic who has just started the Marathon De Sables which is a 240k race across the sahara desert over 6 days (the toughest foot race ever) click the link and you can track this amazing guys progress!/group.php?gid=28163413086

If you click on this link you can track him on the map

This guy can teach us all a lesson in focus and fortitude. Click over and send him a message of support!

Alex has just started day 2 and going well,

I did MdS back in 2004 - about 6 months before I became Type 1. This is truely an amazing event and one of the most difficult that you can undertake. Finding the balance between amount of food, weight and speed is hard enough, managing your diabetes on top of that is a massive extra challenge.

Every day since then I have thought about it and constantly want to do it again.

It is tough and no one who has not been in the desert will really appeciate it. People drop out of the MdS every day because they haven’t prepared properly, or their feet are too blistered or they don’t have the mental toughness.

Congratulations to Alex on getting this far and from his preparedness and his attitude, I expect to see him cross that finish line in a few days time. It will have a profound effect on him.

Thanks for your input dave,
I think its an amazing feat for Alex to do this and he is an inspiration to all diabetics that with the right preparation you can achieve just about anything. He has trained for 2 years for this event and I think was probably more mentally and physically prepared than most of the non diabetics competing. He’s been an inspiration for my son who is 16 and type 1, we are trekking to everest base camp next year and Dan uses people like Alex to give him the motivation to complete his challenge.