Anyone in this group that is involved in plain old high school sports???

I was a runner when I was in high school, though that was 35 years ago. I participated in cross-country and track and in three years had one serious hypoglycemic episode. I still run and it has been a real plus in helping me stay in some kind of control during 42 years of diabetes.

Now I am still involved in high school sports by coaching soccer. As with any other activity, a little bit of time spent on planning and having the juice boxes readily available makes things usually fairly smooth.

High school has long since passed me by, but I played volleyball and soccer in high school. Didn’t have diabetes then though. What sports are you involved in Alison?

I wasn’t an athlete in high school but my friends and I loved to play sports just for fun! We did a bit of everything, but netball, volleyball and soccer were firm favourites. We used to play after school or after phys ed when we had a break because we don’t have to pay to use the school courts and field. I remember screaming insanely when I was made the goalkeeper and the ball was flying in my face! As part of phys ed we did some cross country running, but I much prefer playing games. We also tried floor ball, that was a hoot…and with many injured ankles.