March and Marching Forward

Lately the forum is not much help to diabetics in my opinion. Seems like a popularity contest instead of a place of support, experience, and answers to questions. My best friend died recently, I miss her very much. This is also the birth month of a friend who was my first DOC friend in the world. I miss him very much. There is no way to reach them elsewhere, so I keep them close in my heart.

I’ve been around here for a long time. People come, and people go. Some by choice, some die, others are gone for reasons that are none of my business. Talking about them and reading the comments reminds me of a high school click of crybabies. Get over it, move on, and if you don’t like it then leave.

March for me is time to pick up and get going. Marching Forward!! My world is getting ready to grow things, sow seeds, sweep the decks, wash the windows - and open them on sunny warm days!! And get outside and enjoy the birds that are flitting about and building their nests because even though they can’t march, they can fly! Lucky little things!!

My basal needs have changed a little, this seems to be another common thing. I think seasons have an effect on body and mind. So I’ll march with it. I hope everyone else will get marching and find something beautiful to fill your life.


March is great for birding because they are nice and loud, wearing their most beautiful courting clothes. My grapevines have buds but they’ve not burst yet. I will retire on March 31. We are excited for what is in store.

My numbers had gotten out of control recently. Consuming too many carbs, working too much and exercising less. And my emotions have been out of whack. Having the heart scare was too much.

I was reading some old posts on TuD written by Christopher. It was about using an Atkins style menu with all kinds if meat and fats and veggies galire, but just avoid the carbs. That inspired me.

Dinner - a spinach salad with a hard cooked egg and Italuan hard salame, and then a large Pork Chop braised for two hours, covered in creamy mushroom gravy and some carrots and green beans.

Post meal number was 114. Incredible. I walked our dog, Cosmo, around the block. Resulting number is 104. I am in control again. Wow.

Sorry that thread about Sam19 and Jag1 and The_Welfare getting axed made you unhappy. Hope the birds make you happy.



I’m so sorry for your lost. Its wonderful that the heart can keep those we lost close to us. Here’s to Marching forward!

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I like the thought … March forward and take what comes, don’t wallow in the past Dx or what happened but embrace what WILL COME. I feel better having read your post, and I thank you for providing some grounding…it was needed.

Thank you


I love the idea of Marching forward. I try to treat each day as a new beginning. Especially when it comes to my glucose readings. Spring symbolizes rebirth and I’m hoping to shed a few pounds before summer. As far as cliques go, I see enough of that nonsense at the office where I work. Even though I don’t post very often, I always read the forum. I have no diabetic friends, so this is really all I have.

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I am really sorry about that. I know how hard it is to miss people you are close to. And, were I live (upper Midwest), this season is still harsh and miserable. We won’t turn the corner until April. So I might have to only april forward:-)


I appreciate the positive sentiment expressed here. Things happen in life, often times out of our control, but we do choose how we frame those things.

Thank-you, @karen57, for starting this thread. I hope the spring can help relieve some of the grief you feel losing a close friend. I know that pain, too.


I am sorry for your loss and hope you find comfort in your memories. Thank you for your positive motivation to march. Each day is another chance to do better.

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So sorry!

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I, too, am sorry for you loss, @karen57.

However, I fail to perceive any “help” in categorizing a fairly large group of concerned TuDiabetes members as a “high school click [sic] of crybabies.”

Perhaps you and the admins fail to perceive the possibility that having a more charitable and tolerant moderation policy might strengthen our community? [Emphasis added]

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Karen, I’m sorry for your loses. I’m on several diabetic forums and while I like reading the different threads, I haven’t found any friends like I’ve read a lot of you had. I’m not like most of you. I LOVE N and R insulin. I have never had any problems with it. When I see my endo I’m going to tell her I want off Humalog and use R in my T:slim G4. I just hate Humalog. I’ll also get a script for N.

I do and think so much differently than most people on every diabetic forum I visit. Most of the time I spend a long time writing my replies so I don’t say things that will see too strange because of how I think and do things. Because I know I’m not the usual/typical juvenile onset/type 1 diabetic.

I can’t stand spring time, nor summer nor fall. I get more depressed than I already am. And my depression IS NOT, I repeat IS NOT because of my having diabetes. I’m lonely. I don’t see anyone other than my husband on a daily basis. I have NOBODY to talk with, NOBODY. So when the stupid sun come out and the ugly blue skies, I become even m ore depressed. I have reverse SAD or Seasonal affective disorder. Then I have to explain that that is a real disorder.


Methinks that some members don’t understand the flagging system. Discourse is not Facebook. A “flag” is not a “dislike.”


Gosh blufickle, Thank you. If you were nearby I’d invite you for a coffee or whatever you enjoy, and bring you a home made something sparkly (I am always crafting something!). I made friends on the forums purely by accident, one of them was adamant about making sure kids were treated like humans with their diabetes. He was a hero to me, and still is but in thought now. I don’t believe there actually is a “usual/typical juvenile onset/type1diabetic” on the planet. We all do what we need to do as best we can. And your way and my way are not the right way or wrong way, they are simply our way. And that is OK!!

While you are seeing your endo about changing your insulin, please mention your feelings. This disorder can often be treated. And please know that it even if no one else understands, I do. I know lots of folks who love and thrive in winter. Weirdos - just kidding!!

I got lonely too. I have my husband and he is great, but most days I feel like I just go to work and come home. That’s it…day after day. My only son is away at college. I get depressed sometimes too. It seems like the world can be a lonely place.

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Wow, I’m real sorry my thread is causing folks to be sad, lonely, and depressed. For feeling lonely, have you thought about getting out and maybe going to visit folks who need some company in their life, too? We have lots of elder care and assisted living homes where folks love a visitor to join them for a game of cards, or help with a puzzle, or just reading with them. The peace and love that is shared is two fold and! boom - a friend for life!!

I meant to pick the gang up with some hope and plans to pick up and get on with life. Today is my cohort’s bday and I am celebrating him even though he is partying on his star. And rather than be sad I’m going to drop a deanusa little quote that makes me feel happy. We were talking about spring and bees some years ago - 08-17-2010 - “oh!! i always laugh with you!! your the “bees knees” in my book!!(what does that really mean?” Dean was the bees knees :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about the loss of your friend. Good friends can be heard to find. I didn’t mean to sound so depressed. It’s a feeling that comes and goes. It feels good to let it out once in a while. I’ll keep in mind what you said about finding others who need company. It’s a lovely idea


Thank you. My friends shine for me so it’s okay. And it’s okay to feel the way you do. I just want you to feel better. One thing I know is that most states have an Ombudsman program at some level. It could be for kids, or adults, but it’s a beautiful thing. Check it out. Imagine possibilities before you shut off for sleep tonight, and maybe tomorrow will be brighter!!

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Thank you for your kindness. It is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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You wrote: " I’m lonely. I don’t see anyone other than my husband on a daily basis. I have NOBODY to talk with, NOBODY." I am sorry that your loneliness has led to your depression. I am retired, so I, too, generally do not see too many people other than my husband on a daily basis. Are you able to get out on your own? If so, might I suggest you try some of the things that allows me to interact with others? I enjoy reading, so I joined a book club organized by my local library. I also have met some new, wonderful people at my church. If you have time on your hands, many people have found true fulfillment though volunteer work. We all need to feel that we belong to something (work, family, clubs, etc.) and we all need to feel we have a purpose. Perhaps volunteer activities would help you embrace the upcoming seasons while you give of yourself to help others. I wish you the best as we look forward to the new seasons.


I am pretty much house bound due to back problems, so getting out to do things is near impossible. We changed churches several years ago, and my back got bad before I was able to make friends. People from the other church who said they were my friends, weren’t.

People don’t understand reverse SAD, so they think I’m crazy for being depressed when it’s sunny with blue skies. They don’t believe it’s an actual disorder like SAD is. I’d be happier if it was gray skies and snowing all year around. Then having only my out of state friends to talk with would be fine.

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