Martial art and dexcom G4

Hi guys,

I'm still very happy with my G4. Just inserted a new sensor, to replace the one that lasted for 32 days of accurate numbers!

Anyone, a friend of mine started with Dexcom G4 just today. He's a real sports fan and he loves martial art. Just on his 1st day, his sensor came off just like that. Does anyone have advice that could help him? Where would you attach the sensor and what would you do to prevent sweat making it come off?

Let the alcohol prep dry completely ...overdry it ! I noticed a huge difference.
But wow 32 days!? No scar tissue? rash?

thank you! I think overdrying is indeed very important.
No scar tissue, no itching, no rash. All well. I was sorry to let go of that, since it was really reliable. One of my friends had his for 29, another is working on day 34.

I had a lot of trouble with this, even SkinTac wasn't enough.
Now I use SkinTac and Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape, where I cut out 4 small strips and put them on the top/bottom/right/left of the adhesive (so that the ends don't start detaching). It's worked great and lasts 3 weeks!
I found it on amazon for $15:

I've also started using the liquid SkinTac which is a lot easier to apply.
Only $9 + shipping, came out to under $13 for me:

WOW! 32 days of accurate numbers!!

I'd tape it down w/Opsite Flexfix tape. She may have lotion or powder on her skin keeping the adhesive from adhering! Good luck.. 32 days of accurate numbers!!!

Alcohol prep? Never use alcohol.

Why not Ellie? I have used it several times and I've had no problems with it?

Sounds interesting! Thank you for helping out!

I do the Opsite Flexfix tape too. I cut out a whole for the transmitter and make sure the tape is large enough. I round the corners with scissors before taping it down.

I always use alcohol wipes:
to clean off the cap of my Humalog vial and another one to clean the insertion site for both my pump and G4.
This is what my CDE and Dexcom Rep told me to do.

Sorry. I meant alcohol swabs. Never used them w/my pods, dex or the injections. A doctor told me years ago the germs and bacteria on your skin live in harmony w/your body. In 20 years I haven't had any problem for not using alcohol swabs. :)

I cut four strips from the 4 inch tape and tape down the paper patch on all four sides. Works great. 32 days!!

ah yes, my doctor told me the same (when I started testing my BG and I had been told to use alcohol wipes for that!) but this is just to clean all the oils off so everything will stick better to your body.

My goodness! 32 DAYS? I think you have all the answers - how do Yours stay on so long?? I finally broke down and got the Mastisol - but even it comes off of me. Tape irritates - but not everyone.
I think you are the G4 Master.

Great idea!

One friend of mine has used his last one for 29 days, another one is going on day 35 now. We stop and start our sensor every week, the day before the Dexcom tells us it's dead. And that works great!

I use Opsite as well. However, I’m still experiencing my sensors falling off during runs. I tape down on all sides but after about 3 or 4 miles in, it falls right off. I sweat a lot, and I mean A LOT. Not sure what will work. I might just have to do away with Dexcom altogether.