Max Dose of Oral Meds and Lantus Should I go on Insulin fulltime

Help I take 2500 Metformin.and the max of gylburide.I take approx 25 to 30 units of lantus at bedtime.My pancreas is almost done after 14 yrs of so so control.For the past couple of months I have been cycling regularlyevery 2nd day approx 25 kms.I take pb med and amiytriptine for pain.I am having difficulty with consistency of my BS I am not sure if it would be advantageous for me to go on insulin fulltime or stick with the max of oral meds and lantus.I don’t get on the computer that much so I would appreciate any advice and please be patient for a response.Thank’s in advance Bob

Bob, I’m a type1, and I can’t give you any answers, but have you discussed this with your health care team?