Mayo is more awesome!


This is a hopeful development even though they do not mention insulin or diabetes in this announcement. This is a substantial coalition of groups affiliated with 500 hospitals as well as the US Veterans Administration.

Many drugs sell for prices that constitute corporate thievery, including most insulin.

I can’t find the original audio of the report I heard on the radio…looking for it. Darn.

This sounds like a great step, but I’m pretty skeptical. I work for Mayo and hear regular complaints about our own employees being unable to access health care and prescriptions. At the end of the day, they’re still big business and about the bottom line. Hopefully we will see steps in the right direction, though.


Really? Bummer. My friends told me that when she was a kid, her dad was a Doc there so she said she got to go there for life. I guess I just assumed that everybody who worked there had free healthcare for themselves and their family. Maybe thats not how it works anymore.

Just outta curiosity, @ccc, whats the word on the street about their endocrinology care? I just lost another endo, so I am scouting around for someone who could get me in quick. I called Mayo, but they are out of network for me. I could always pay out of pocket if I have to…trying to avoid that.

It’s actually fairly recent that Mayo employees have had to pay for their healthcare, so that probably was true for your friend. Sadly, our insurance is still way better than what a lot of healthcare workers at other facilities get; so even though there are quite a lot of issues, the grass is probably greener over here.

I wouldn’t recommend paying out of pocket to go to Mayo unless you’re really desperate. I’ve gotten just as good, and in many ways better, endocrinology care at other facilities. They’re not bad, but probably not worth the hassle of scheduling and increased cost. Mayo is best for weird/complicated health concerns, not the general day to day or long-term management of common diseases.

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Although, as a non-employee, you may have a much different experience than I do. One of my friends said she got amazing care at Mayo when she lived out of state, but very subpar care once she was an employee.

Give me Ham on 5, and hold the mayo (it’s a movie quote, folks)

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