MDI T1D: High BG after anaerobic exercise -- expected?

Sorry! Of course. If you’re hypo, you should probably not be doing much other than sucking back some juice. I should have said he suggested the anaerobic exercise to prevent lows in those who normally experience them when working out, not to correct them.

AH! Oh :stuck_out_tongue: That makes MUCH more sense now! I thought he was recommending anaerobic exercise to treat lows. I guess pre-emptive anaerobic would work well. It’s funny because in another thread I started on a similar topic, I had someone suggest aerobic activity to balance out the high glucose from anaerobic exercise. Maybe the key is in the balance of the two. It’s just too bad I HATE aerobic exercise with a burning passion :stuck_out_tongue:

This summer while at the CWD conference in Vancouver, I heard Michael Riddell from York University talk about how even a 10 second sprint at the end of an aerobic workout (and/or mixing a sprint into an aerobic workout) can buffer a large BG drop post exercise. He’s got some great articles on his website about diabetes/insulin/exercise.

Actually, I have found sprinting can raise my blood sugar if it drops from aerobic/cardio exercise.