Me and D: Your Life Hasn't Really Changed, Right?

A bit of a rant…

OH, lady, Jessica, I am with you. I would have set her straight, or like you wished I would have set her straight. As much as we try to make things appear to us and to others that having “D” is easy to handle, it’s not. It means a lot of changes in our lives, that we LEARN to adapt to…but hasn’t changed where the “H” did she get her training. You know, if it were me, I’d write her a letter…saying that just to thank you for coming, etc.but to straighten something out…tell her for the future of her presentations, life has changed with diabetes, and you’d like to share some of them with her…you’ll be educating her, and getting off your chest. At least I would do that…maybe you wouldn’t want to .

ok, yes some things did change. Like I didn’t get into my first choice college, so my life was changed. But I still am me, I still am basically doing all the stuff I would do before D, I just have lots more details. But remember, she is a paramedic. She goes out and pulls people out of horrible car wrecks, people who become paralyzed or worse and these people have a really hard time leading their lives like nothing happened. You and I on the other hand, we may have a chronic disease, we may have to put up with a lot of cr*p, get burned out, but for the most part our lives can go on, we can pursue any career, we can get married, have kids and do sports.

I don’t know that she meant to suggest that your life is the same as before, or that things are just “hunky dory,” but in the scope of emergency first aid she sees, the car crashes and heart attacks, diabetes doesn’ really require much change.

You get free hits for that. You should have whacked her a good one. I would say “c’mon SHERLOCK, you are a FREAKING EMT!! You do a shot of something on SOMEONE ELSE every couple of shifts maybe? How about the MM CGM? How many of those bad boys have you blasted into your abdomen?” Sheesh. I’m not sure I’d agree that it’s that much different than MVA’s either. Even if it’s serious, the person is likely either to be in treatment or at MMI within a year or two. There are certainly horrors all over the roadway but the tedium of chronic diseases shouldn’t be underestimated. Particularly by those paid to scrape us off of our shoes when we keel over?

thanks for the support, guys! i feel a lot better about the situation after venting. bsc, you’re right, compared to a lot of what she sees, D seems not so bad. I can appreciate that. but i was still annoyed. people in general don’t seem to understand how emotionally and mentally difficult life with D is.