Me and diabetes

My grandmother had diabetes which led to poor circulation in her legs. Eventually, she developed gangerene in her toes, then it worked its way upward and after a leg amputation she died. I had a cousin with type 1 diabetes who died at 29. I remember the big horse syringes and the diet restrictions, those awful “sugerless” candies that, as my sister said, tasted the way you thought Raid (bugspray) would. So I thought I’d cheated it when I reached my ripe old age without any symptoms.But instead I developed cancer in my leg due to an untreated injury. After surgery and losing a chunk out of my leg, thankful I did not have to have it amputated I was put on a direutic. But I noticed I was getting thirstier and thirstier, losing weight, feeling really weak, this took some months. I was busy with radiation and fussing over what was left of my leg but I finally called the hospital. They wanted me in right away. So I went, sure I was just going to have my direutic dose adjusted and sent home. Instead they admitted me to the emergency room with blood sugar reading almost 600.
It’s been a little more than a year since that Monday and things have changed. I’ve lost weight on purpose and lead a much healthier life. I still have cancer issues in my lymph node but it has actually shrunk. As I’m “mature” and have lived my life pretty much as I’ve wanted to I don’t feel deprived that I have to moniter my eating and exercise. At first they said I was a type 1, ( ohh nooo, shots!) then they said I was type 2 presenting as type 1. (Whatever!) But I couldn’t avoid the shots, five a day if I ate 3 meals. Now I’ve gotten it down to 3 and am going in for tests in June to see if I can go on oral meds.
At first it was hard, I had the diabetic lows which are scary, and I dreaded going anywhere for too long. I live alone which was really frightening. Now I’m much more comfortable altho always vigilant.
My heart goes out to anyone who is born with this, or anyone who is young and has to deal with it. A year with it has made me realise how hard it can be even with all the developments to help with living with this condition.
I say I’m a nanny, I watch my grandchild, but I’m really an artist.