Me, Myself, and My Syringe


i was originally diagnosed with type two diabetes in 2001... after many series of medicines/insulines and a few seizures, they finally checked me for type one diabetes.

i was told this happens a lot when the patient is overweight... they 'assume' it's onset/type two, and in this case, their assumption nearly killed me.

now i'm on humalog and lantis... things are improving- (slowly)

my job function is a web programmer for Syracuse University - mostly Coldfusion, but we've been doing more with PHP. Our backend is ORACLE, but i still prefer MySQL - especially since version 5.

I'll add more later - the reason i joined her was to learn how others are managing their shots... it's a real freaking nightmare trying to keep my insulin at room temperature/cool between work and home... has nearly killed my social life as i do not want to go anywhere because it takes hours of planning to go out.

enough whining... :-)


I don’t take insulin, but I’ve seen a lot of insulin diabetics post about the Frio Wallet which is an insulated wallet with water-powered cooling. is the website I beleive, and it seems to be available both in the states and uk.

I do PHP too. :smiley:


Very nice… i did not have ANY idea they made something like this. i’ll read more about it!
What kind of PHP coding do you do?
Thanks for the suggestion/link!


I’m the programmer behind a specialty e-commerce site with an affliate system. It’s starting to really get going now - we get about 200K visitors a month. I try and keep my work and private lives separate, or I’d pass a link. The whole site is done in OOP. I’m a big fan of Gang of Four Patterns and Refactoring, if you’ve read into either of those.