Me want hurt you so bad

there are days when i just feel like taking a nice long stroll and knocking people’s heads into things as i go. last night was one of those days. i hadn’t seen a friend in a couple of months and appraently when he saw me a couple of days ago he said something to my fiance about me being pregnant. more or less, “how’s she doing…she’s pregnant, right?” i don’t know if this is his own assumption or an idea spreading around our circle of friends, but no, i’m very much not. i just happen to have hopped aboard the train toward chunky town for the past few months. i’m trying to be so flipping careful about what i put into my belly and i try to exercise but i’m getting nowhere. i’m getting increasingly frustrated and thusly left a message for my diabetes educator to call me back so that i can beg her to work with my doctor and solve the slew of problems that are now plaguing me. (on top of everything else i’ve acquired a cluster of infection most likey based on that fun little OCD habit i have of pulling out my hair when i’m stressed.) i’m grumpy all the time anyway because i’m dissatisfied with my body and my health and now that i know people are noticing and saying something i’m more of a wreak than ever. i just don’t know how to fix all of my problems. i’m embarassed to go out but i also hate to stay home where all the food seems to be a box full of preservative packed carbs or in a deep freeze if it’s not (and don’t let me start on how i’m not even allowed to throw away the expired products.) i’m just ticked all the time but i don’t know what i’m supposed to do to fix things anymore. ARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Bek-san! First of all, forget about the bull$hit flying around when people flap their gums. My weight would fluctuate all the time when I used to experiment with various low-carb diets and insulin regimens…then I heard a rumor flying around that said I was addicted to crystal meth. How cool is that? Point is don’t take anything personally especially from people who don’t know…

Anywho, you’ve been on insulin longer than me, and I’ve been on insulin for a loooong time and I know how hard it can to battle the insulin bulge. But I know you can do it…just first stop thinking about what other people “might” be saying about you. That stuff will drive you crazy, and there are too few hours in the day to worry about that crap.

Put this diabetes thing first in your life, and win little battles every day. Don’t try to exercise…just exercise. Don’t diet…just eat right. Next thing you know, you’ll be on top of diabetes again like a UFC fighter.

Bec got to go with Dino here! He’s giving you really good advice listen to him What others say dosen’t matter although I know how flustrating it can be!!

I agree with dino. Nothing you can do about gossip/comments so why worry about it? Eat right, walk a little farther and you will be surprised at the changes that occur without your noticing. (Stop watching the kettle boil) I think I am going to check outthe mediteranean diet but just for ideas not as a rigid gota do it plan.

Peace and God’s Love