Mealtime hyops

My husband thinks our daughter must be the only person in the world who can go hypo during a meal. Is she?

At 4 she’s food fussy and wants to eat stuff one food type at a time, and very slowly. So we often find she starts with the protines, then the raw veggies, and finishes with the carbs. But by then she’s gone hypo.

And this morning she took so long over breakfast that she was hypo within 10 mins of finishing it - just as we were about to leave for nursery school. I guess her insulin is kicking in before the food.

Guess what happen today. my daugher ate a high carb meal and right after she was done and before i gave her her insulin she dropped to 65, she was over 100 before her meal…

we saw the Dr today - we are now changing to doing the novorapid injections after meals instead of before them

that’s what we do already.

After the meals might work better for a while…seems like a good plan from your endo. We’re pretty new to this, but our endo told us that with younger kids being so picky or slow it’s a bit more important to correct for what actually goes in the belly!!:slight_smile: When their appetites are a little more predictable we’ll switch to before the meals.

I have been doing that with my daughter as well. You just never know how much they will actually eat and their eyes are definitely bigger than their tummy. My daughter is a pasta lover, so that is always our tricky one since it is loaded with carbs. So we just measure out the food, and then measure how much she has left. (well, now we just eyeball it mostly). It seems to work well that way. We also do that after we go out to eat, it’s just so much easier. Our endo says definitely it’s ok. Good Luck.

We bolus after the food, so we know how much he has eaten. Not as important now as he is older, and always hungry. But for your situation, let her take her time, count the carbs, and then give her the shot or bolus.