Med. Id

did u know that ambulance personell usually dont look at med id jewelry. My daughter is also on the omnipod pump, which last summer she was DKA so we took her to the nearest hospital, which have never seen the omnipod. It makes u wonder as a parent if you are not there, would anybody know if your teen has t1. my daughter is 15 and now would like a t1 tattoo, but would anyone notice that either. I cut hair and talk to ambulance personell, this is where i learned that most dont pay attention to med ids. Their answer was they would test for bg if their were signs. Really!!

I worry about this too… but was told they check for bracelets… scary though.

My dad is a paramedic and says that they check for tattoos, medical IDs, etc, and, in some cases, if they are in your home, they also do a quick check of your medicine cabinets and refrigerator if there is reason to believe they need further information about what you are taking and/or why you may be unconscious.