I was wondering how many of you here are on Medicaid. I am and I was wondering if those of you on it too had ever had any problems getting them to pay for the things you needed for your diabetes treatment.

I had no problems getting my meds and they are going to pay for me to take diabetes ed classes at the hospital. I’m just wondering how much trouble I’m going to have getting my test strips and lancets.

I am on medicaid and i get enough test strips that i can test 10 times a day. The easiest way to get them from medicaid, is to keep a log off your blood sugars and have the doctor write your script saying how many times you test a day and then take the log in with you when you get your testing supplies so they can file it and then if medicaid comes back and says we need to know why she gets this many, all they have to do is show them your log and they will see how often you test and then you will have no problem from then on.

No Problems with Kansas Medicade here or Medicare Part A, B and D… just have to do what they want you to do… Like Going to Endo every three months and log your BG every time you test…

I don’t know about anyone else but I change my lancet out maybe once a month so I always have a supply of those.

How are they about paying for testing supplies? I haven’t had to get any yet but I’m about to.