Medical Alert Alarms for Home - A Good Idea?

Does anybody have experience with these?
Are they a good idea overall?
Usually they are for Seniors,
but do any T1 or even T2s use or recommend this type of home monitoring service?
The Medical Alert Alarms I’m talking about are the ones where a button is pushed.

I think its a good idea but I have zero experience with them. Ive seen them before and I think its a good idea if I lived alone, but if something bad happens would I be able to push the button? Would I be coherent enough to realize I need to push the button? It might be good if you live with someone that way if something does happen they dont need to go searching for a phone in a panicked state of mind…

Something to think about.

If I can push a button, I can take glucose tabs. Then I don’t need a button!

My home is secured through ADT Home Monitoring Systems. We have customized their services to accommodate burglary, fire and critical condition. The criical condition includes medical alerts and the likes. Its like a “panic button”. Its highly suggested for seniors and people with critical medical conditions who are living alone. It is not that Im recommending it, but the facility helped me once about two years ago when I had an accident and I was alone at home. I have not used the facilities though for any diabetes related situations.