Medical Billing Focus Group Opportunity, Washington, D.C. Area

Please see message below for information on this great opportunity to share your voice and represent the TuD community!

We’re looking for focus group participants!

Partners for Better Care, a national patient advocacy organization, is working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to examine issues around medical billing, and we’re looking for patients to participate in a high-level focus group in Washington, D.C.

Please consider spending a couple hours of your time to help patients like yourself benefit from improvements in the way medical providers bill for their services.

WHAT: A two-hour focus group to discuss billing issues.

WHO: Individuals who meet the following criteria:

o Are willing to engage in some basic reading, writing, listening and discussion
o Live in a household that has received at least one medical bill in the last three months
o Play an active role in household billing management

We are not looking for participants to come with a high degree of policy, political, advocacy or public relations expertise. We just want your personal opinions!

WHEN: September 7, 2016, 6-8 PM

WHERE: Downtown Washington D.C. Parking and/or transportation fees will be covered and dinner will be served.

CONTACT: Mary Richards;

More information on Partners For Better Care

No preparation is required, and participants will help shape the future of medical billing!

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If only I had the money and time ATM.

An aside:

Fond memories of DC:
Was elected to a medical committee during my residency training and attended meetings 3 to 4 times yearly for 2 glorious years (all expenses paid, which was what made it possible as a single mom getting by on a resident’s salary).

I remember dragging into the hotel at about 2:00 AM after a rough night on call followed by flying cross country. I stepped onto the elevator to find it occupied by none other than Louis Farrakhan and his two bodyguards. My floor arrived first. Before the elevator doors closed, I turned around, waved, and said “Hi, Louis. I’m a Jew.”

Good times…

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Thanks for sharing your D.C. memoir! I’ve never been and would love to go…