Medical Cannabis?


@Ahnalira I thought of you when this came on the news.


I LOVE this! Thanks for thinking of me :smiley: Just took my first harvest to the lab, and made the first infusion. It’s working great, and I can’t even begin to describe the wonderful the relief feels… so I call it, Ah… Relief. Right?


Update: made my first oil infusion and had it lab tested: Great ratios and no psychoactive side effects. I was able to protect terpenes. I am using it with 100% success–no more cramping or nerve pain. I started giving it to my elderly dog (17 in May :stuck_out_tongue: ) He got into a fight with a bear when we lived in rural Florida in 2012, and the bear won… his backend didn’t work for months, and, of course, it’s one of his main aging issues… 7mg twice a day, and he is moving with ease, playing with the other dogs, and much more alert and present with us.

I’m very happy I started on this adventure :smiley:


Another update for anyone still interested…
I started taking the infused oil tincture on March 1st. By March 21st, I had reduced my daily insulin usage, according to my insulin pump, by between 4-6 units per day… from 40-42 units per day to 34-36 units per day. And, of course, I started losing weight. About a half pound every week. 12.5 lbs to date. Still eating the same amount every day and exercising more or less the same amount.

I had been reading about THCV and it’s ability to increase insulin sensitivity and modulate pancreatic function, and I purchased cannabis seeds to make the tincture from cultivars that bred back to the original plants high in THCV… but there was no way I could lab test for it (my lab is adding THCV but didn’t have it when I did the tests for this batch)

So, is there THCV in the formula causing this effortless recalibration of my metabolism? Is there some other component of the blend influencing better metabolic function? Is it something else altogether? I have no idea, but it continues to be a really fun adventure :smiley:


Another update for anyone interested…
I am 100% pain free with no psycho-active side effects AND my insulin requirements continue to trend down. Yesterday, my insulin pump said I used 31.06 units of insulin :smiley:


I know this is an old thread but have only recently come across it. This is my first post on this forum and am most impressed with your research into the efficacy of cannabis. I would love to hear of any progress you have made since then.
I myself have experimented controlling my blood sugar with this substance for over two years and can confirm it does lower ones blood glucose significantly.


This is the best thread on this forum! I have used MC extensively for over 40 years for pain, nausea, to help me sleep, as a tranquilizer, as a sexual stimulant. I don’t use any alcohol. I have a family history of glaucoma and I don’t have it. I have a family history of diabetes and I’m T2. I haven’t seen any relationship between MC and my neuropathy but I would like to try the oil version on my feet. I’m ADHD and MC quiets me at the end of the day.


Does it give you munchies? That is the problem with marijuana and diabetes. That urge to eat and eat and eat. You will eat too much. I mean I used to when I was a teenager, oddly enough it did make me feel normal, perhaps at the time I did take a little less insulin. I’m not really sure I can’t remember lol.


I think it depends on the person. I never got munchies, not once. It helps me with nausea, but I don’t feel the need to eat so much as I have the capability to eat. A couple times my brother smoked too much, forgot to eat, and got dizzy at the gym, so it can cause the opposite in some people. Everybody reacts differently.


I have been following CBD developments for some time.

There has been a lot of experimentation in trying to get the correct ratio of CBD/THC for the target disease.

There is a company in Seattle which maybe the farthest along in proper ratio development plus precision dosing. Here is their website You may want to contact them as they should be starting trials soon. I believe neuropathy pain was a targeted drug development.

Their CMO is Orrin Devinsky who was principal investigator for the development of GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex.

The question I would have for you is are you addressing the root cause of your neuropathy which very well may be elevated blood glucose?


I’ve become a convert to mmj. However I don’t really use it to control my diabetes and TBH, I’m not sure it would help for this. I will say that it works wonders for my crohn’s pains (and if I take it early enough, will slow down my GI tract when it gets a bit growly). It is also great for my arthritis (I have Ankylosing spondolytis).

The one way it has helped my diabetes is that because it takes away the pain, I can exercise more.

Due to pain, and to slow down my GI tract, I was on a fentynl patch for about 7 years and was taking a breakthrough med throughout the day. I’m off the patch and now only take opiates when the diarrhea won’t stop and I start bleeding which has been only 2x in the last six months.


Odd that you would say that Becky…LOL! I just got in my first low carb brownie mix with monk fruit sweetener. I intend to make them and have a big one with heavy cream later tonight.
For every problem…there is an answer.


That sounds really good. My dad makes a yummy cannabis banana bread with no added sugar. I want to experiment with adding it to coconut oil and make a curry. I have a recipe; I just haven’t found the right time.


What a great story Jenn. This is what the forum is all about. I am so glad you got some relief from some of your symptoms.


I’m doing my best George. I just started addressing my BG problem the last six weeks, I was told by my new doctor that I was T2, had not been to a doctor for 20 years. I find that MJ does make it easier to live with the neuropathy in my feet.
I’m going to keep experimenting on myself till I find an answer to my neuropathy problem. The BG problem has a clear solution, so in a way its easier.


In many cases the root cause of neuropathy is high blood sugar. Studies show as little as 2 hours over 140 result in microvascular damage. While you may not be able to regenerate the damaged nerves there are some patients now using afrezza reporting reduced pain while others are reporting improvement with their retinotherapy.

Maybe you want to go back to your doctor and get a script for a Libre and see what your glucose profile (AGP) over a minimum two week period is. Then you will have a better idea what you are dealing with.

Also let us know if you ever follow-up with RLS.


Unfortunately I was converted when very young and have continued smoking it for most of my life and only stopping last year and took up vaping instead. To say I suffer from the dreaded munchies is an understatement. I am forever snacking but luckily I do not have any weight issues.
Oh yes, it has been ever so helpful with my arthritis as it now allows me to walk normally without any pain. It has also helped with sleep and not having to wake up three or four times each night to pee. At most, I will be woken once only to urinate. Most importantly, it seems to bring my blood glucose down so significantly that it is now in the normal range without any other measures taken. I am expected to see my diabetic nurse in a couple of days for my annuals. Hoping to borrow a CGM from her for a couple of weeks so that I can monitor my blood sugar. Do they lend equipment to patients?


As of last year cannabis, both for medical and recreational use, has been legal in Canada. There are some restrictions like you need to be 19 to buy it and can’t light up in public places, I have some relatively light neuropathy in my legs and can’t take many of the available off the shelf painkillers because I had a cardiac arrest seven years ago,
Yes smoking a joint with a moderate or high THC content gives immediate and excellent relief from the neuropathic pain. And yes you do get stoned which I suppose is pretty harmless despite the dire warnings of naysayers to pot.
Incidentally, not sure how many people are aware of why marijuana has been illegal for the past 80 years or so. It had nothing to with health concerns and everything to do with work security for cops. When pot was demonized and made illegal in the 1930s the alcohol prohibition had just ended and thousands of cops were suddenly wondering how their work could still be justified. Pot was a convenient target because at the time most users were Latinos or black people who had little say in society. So this gigantic make work project has resulted in thousands of citizens getting criminal records, having their lives disrupted, so the cops would have something to do. In addition, all modern research shows that disrupting the supply of drugs, which is what cops do, has zero effect on the availability. Market laws means if there is a demand someone will supply. So I wonder what make work excuse they will come up with now that pot is becoming legalized in more and more countries and jurisdiction?