Medical Cannabis?


Bottom line… that’s what all of us are basing our point of view upon. Clarity is in the recognition that opinion drives the discussion… in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


And every single study that has demonstrated that any particular substance (medication, plant, herb, whatever you want to call it because they are all chemicals) has cured, reversed, or stopped progression of D in mice has not panned out as effective for humans.

I’m not going to take anything for a serious illness or disease (or give anything to my children) that doesn’t have “gold standard” bona fide peer-reviewed, double-blind, controlled study meta-analysis backing it up. Because even then there are some bad outcomes.

That’s my opinion. :kissing_heart:


With half of the time in TV ads spent on Side-Effects, I am hesitant to take any new man-made drugs.
When I told my doctor I take Colloidal Silver as a preventative every day, as expected, she responded “It will turn your skin blue.” Possible if I took a pint or 2 everyday, but for 3+ years of use: no pigment change and no illness other than sinus and T1D.

National Institute of Health’s own government database,, lists thousands, if not tens of thousands, of peer-reviewed articles documenting research on the health properties of hundreds of different essential oils. We summarize much of that research in John Thomas’ article, Using Essential Oils to Cure Disease.
Essential oils, which are distilled aromatic plant oils, have been around and curing people for thousands of years. Many of the original pharmaceutical products were based on the curative properties of various plant oils. But since they cannot be patented, no one is going to step forward and pay the hundreds of millions of dollars required to get something approved by the FDA as a drug, especially if you do not own the patent on that product.
Using statistics directly from the medical industry, we know that at least 106,000 deaths a year are attributed to FDA-approved prescription drugs, and this does not even include deaths due to over-the-counter drugs which can be purchased without a prescription. There are over 450 deaths a year just from acetaminophen (Tylenol), based on reports from poison control centers.
But according to annual reports from the American Association of Poison Control Centers Annual Reports of National Poison Data Systems (NPDS), deaths due to overdose of essential oils are very rare. There were none in their last report issued in 2012, and you have to go back to 2010 to find that there was one death in total, from ingesting too much eucalyptus oil.


I doubt I could overdose on essential oils even if I tried. Then again, I’m not planning on trying this. But I’m not going to use them to treat my daughter’s Type 1 or cure my husband’s cancer.

I’m happy for you if these “alternatives” are effective for you or anyone else who finds them effective.

Me and mine, we’ll stick to and take our chances with what the FDA has approved because this stuff has successfully jumped through some mighty tiny hoops and has effectively cut through some significantly thick red tape which makes me just about comfortable with the risks that accompany the much-appreciated benefits.


[quote=“JJM1, post:110, topic:57691, full:true”]
With half of the time in TV ads spent on Side-Effects, I am hesitant to take any new man-made drugs.
When I told my doctor I take Colloidal Silver as a preventative every day, as expected, she responded “It will turn your skin blue.” Possible if I took a pint or 2 everyday, but for 3+ years of use: no pigment change and no illness other than sinus and T1D.
[/quote]I would just point out that to some (probably many) cannabis as a treatment for nausea has some very strong, undesirable, and to some terrifying side-effects. If the goal is treating nausea, there are man-made alternatives that are as or more effective, with far milder to non-existent side-effects.

There’s nothing special about “natural”. There is only a different means by which the chemical was developed. Natural substances can be every bit as damaging or deadly as man-made substances. Wild mushrooms come to mind, for instance.

On the other hand, it is the brilliance of the human mind that has found enormously beneficial uses for botulinum toxin therapeutically.

The point is, take care in dismissing the product of human intellect out-of-hand, and accepting the benign virtue of that nature has created. There is nothing intrinsically safe or healthy about evolution and natural selection as a chemist juxtaposed against the human consciousness dabbling in chemistry.

In fact, there are strong arguments that the latter has greater potential to generate good for human beings.


There’s an awful lot of 100% natural arsenic in the ground water where I live.


I am, too. I took gabapentin upon the advice of my doctor for the muscle cramping for a short time, and the side effects were a deal breaker for me… I have also come to question the immediate use of treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals rather than pursuing the root cause. Case in point, doc wanted to put me on statins for high cholesterol. I asked for further testing first because I’d read about the side effects of statins, and we discovered together that my TSH was 86. Once I got on a regimen for treating the hypothyroidism, cholesterol went down on its own.

I guess you could say that I am as skeptical of big Pharma and allopathic medicine as some here are about medical cannabis :stuck_out_tongue:

@JJM1 I use an essential oil blend called Thieves to support my immune system in dealing with viruses. A few drops every few hours at the first sign of a scratchy throat and the bug never takes hold.


Speaking of where you live, where do you live? I mean, nearest major city up there… Did you say you’re in the Sitka area?

The reason I ask is I was looking at weather radar, and it looks like the southern “arm” of Alaska is getting pounded pretty hard right now…


Please provide us with some examples. Can you name some diseases and their corresponding essential oils? That utterly vague website has long articles about the purity, quality and administration of essential oils and makes nonspecific statements about the alleged working mechanism of essential oils, but gives no examples.


That’s because it’s part of the pyramid scheme… you have to get a mentor to teach you how to use them and their millions of uses , who of course gets a little cash every time you buy some, but not quite as much as the one who signed them up… and so on


Broad brush stroke statements like the one above lose credibility based on the absence of provable facts in the statement… made by everyone–regardless of specific biases.

I use essential oils and do not participate in any kind of pyramid scheme. I do my research–both on the actions of the various terpenes in the oils as well as on the companies that make them. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that essential oils “cure disease.” I consider diseases to be a complex combination of symptoms that often include more than one system in the body’s biology. Symptoms, however, are much simpler and can be effectively helped by essential oils, imho.

I would say that specific oils have been very effective in giving me the results I want. For example, I put lavender oil in my bath at night before bed to help fall asleep more easily. I put lemon in cleaning agents because it breaks through grease. I diffuse peppermint and eucalyptus when I have congestion to help clear the pathways. I take Thieves oil to prevent the onset of viral bugs. These are examples of specific uses that work.


Hey I love essential oils. I just recognize a pyramid scheme when I see one… the two big players, doterra and young living are absolutely bonafide pyramid schemes. I have nothing against their product and they might be the best things in the world (and I use them myself just because I think they smell great)… and every other maker in the world is just riding on the momentum built by those two-- whether one is active involved in the pyramid doesn’t mean that they’re not contributing to it. Not all pyramid schemes are bad… happens to be a subject of particular interest to me as a very good friend of mine and his wife gave up successful and lucrative professional careers to sell doterra and spent quite a bit of effort trying to convince me to partake


I understand what you are saying. For me, personally, though… I don’t sell to anyone else or sign up anyone to sell. I purchased the membership with Young Living because I like their organic status and the level of quality control they use.

That said, I know there are people looking to make their income from sales. Not everyone, though.

For me, the true definition of a pyramid scheme is what Bernie Madoff did. He got something for nothing by convincing others that they could, too… by giving him something. Perhaps a tad different than the way different essential oil companies set up their marketing :wink:


What Madoff did, technically, was a Ponzi scheme (using today’s receipts to pay off yesterday’s investors). Not precisely the same thing as a pyramid, though the two are often combined into a single operation, which muddies the water considerably.


My personal favorite pyramid scheme though, by far, is Beachbody… where they sell nothing more than the idea that people can exercise and be enthusiastic about it… they’re selling absolutely nothing (they do pad this concept with some workout videos and milkshakes but that’s essentially nothing in their empire)… and somehow multi-level marketing (the euphemism for pyramid scheme) makes it all possible and lucrative


Please, do tell. As someone who suffers from chronic nausea I like to hear about these man made alternatives that work.


I’m sure your doctor can help you with this. S/he’s more qualified than I am to address it.


“Utterly vague”–that pretty much describes it. If “essential oils … have been around and curing people for thousands of years”, then why aren’t they being used to cure cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease, etc.? Why are so many people dying from cancer, suffering complications from diabetes, and experiencing debilitating and often fatal myocardial infarctions and cerebrovascular accidents? Because of some FDA conspiracy? Nope. Essential oils aren’t being used to cure diseases because they don’t cure diseases.

JJM1, do you take insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents to manage your diabetes? If your answer is yes, I’m curious as to why you don’t simply scrap these dangerous “man-made drugs” and use essential oils to facilitate transport of glucose into your cells?

Heaven forbid that someone who doesn’t know any better reads JJM1’s post, says no to the radiation and/or chemotherapy their oncologist recommends that has a significantly high success rate of curing their particular kind of cancer, and uses essential oils instead.


Yeah yeah Dr. Cain. Three words: Frank-in-cense :wink:


If it was good enough for the Baby Jesus, then it’s good enough for me.