Medical Cannabis?


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Sorry, further than I can travel these days.


I know that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to do. However, in the morning, I usually have two cups of black coffee for breakfast, go outside long enough to feed any leftover bread to the birds, then go back to bed and sleep two more hours.


It doesn’t keep me awake, either. I can drink it at any time of the day or evening without hesitation.


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Oh, well, if you do happen to find yourself in the area some time in the future, I would be honored to treat you to a delicious cup of coffee that will make your hair stand on end.


And this, sir, is an excellent example of substance tolerance! :wink:


I suspect that in sufficient quantities, caffeine will cause the anticipated mental effects even in Robert and David :wink:


Dose and tolerance – I think people’s experience about that for cbd was part of the question the OP started this thread with.


True dat.


Either that or uncontrollable shaking, vomiting, respiratory distress, and death. There’s a reason we still use caffeine (and nicotine) as an insecticide in some extreme cases…


I have a prescription for cannabis for insomnia, and diabetic neuropathy with hyper-sensitivity this is throughout my whole body. I use CBD and THC, it all depends on what I am needing it for, I vape and smoke, and drink tea. helps much better than perks or any other with no noticeable effects


This sounds very much like the symptoms I turned to medical cannabis for. I’m curious about the term “diabetic neuropathy with hyper-sensitivity.” For me, the neuropathy shows up like muscle cramping, spasming, and burning pain… and the cramps happen all over my body with the slightest contraction of the muscle. Is that the same as what you are saying?

For the little over a month that I’ve been using high CBD cannabis oils and tinctures, the cramping–which sometimes happened as often as 50 to 60 times per day–is completely eliminated… as long as I take a dosage of about 150 mg throughout the day in small incremental doses. What an amazing relief, right? And I find I am sleeping really well!

I haven’t made tea yet, but I do juice the fan leaves from the plants I am growing :smiley:


My brother reports he stopped using very expensive Meds for his fibromyalgia pain when his state authorized marijuana scripts - he does say pain control is at least as good as the other Meds without the side effects. My state voted to decriminalize pot this year so I may try to make an infusion using coconut oil to use as a salve - I’m also doing the same with a flower called dagga. Dagga is also known to attract humming birds and butterflies - can’t go too wrong with that even if the salve is not as potent as I’d like :innocent:


Interesting! I will look that flower up! I am going to infuse lemon balm into the first batch I make (after plants are harvested and cured this month.) It’s a nerve tonic and is known for “relaxing” spasms via a terpene in it called eugenol. Terpenes, it seems, have a profound effect on how the cannabinoids are used by the body. Now I want to look up Dagga and see what’s in it :sunglasses:


South African narcotic - I’m not in to ingesting these weeds - those days are over - but a salve I’ll try. Have a friend who stepped on a sting Ray’s stinger and now has permanent nerve damage - she had a small bit of a friends MC brownie - got no pain relief but one hell of an introduction to the new class of THC! I saw some info on another thread about methadone treatment for neuropathy - if managed properly it sounded like the opioid relief without the high and addiction… Maybe take a look?


Yes it is all over my body, under my skin as well so just the slightest touch can send tears to the eyes, limited time outside of the home as clothing was hurting, been like this for 5 years now, I get electrical shocks, burning, freezing, cramping, tingling, you name it I have it.


could be she did not get to much relieve as there could of been to much THC and not enough CBD and CBN


The ratio is everything. I am growing for medical use–legal in my state–and am at the stage now where I am examining trichomes with a magnifying glass now to track THC/CBD/CBN ratios on the plant. Fascinating stuff!.


I have not used DE internally but do understand it is effective and not harmful except to insects.
I had amazing results getting rid of ROACHES that ignored multiple ‘foggings’ using double the amount of recommended fog and multiple sprays. In my case, I dusted every counter edge and kitchen border, left it in place for a couple weeks. At first I thought it wasn’t working but within a month all the roaches were gone and have not had a reappearance for over 3 years.
When my dog got FLEAS real bad - after treatments, dips, yard and house sprays the fleas kept returning despite weekly sprays. After working DE into her fur and dusting her indoor hang-out locations she finally stopped scratching most of the time.


@Ahnalira have you heard of this company?


@tiaE I hadn’t seen this yet. Wow. This is excellent news. I will continue watching this. Thanks!